Hexagonal Net: Discover the Tool for Protecting Your Plants and Flocks

Install hexagonal netting in your garden or for poultry protection. The net is manufactured from carbon steel wire, hot dipped galvanised wire or plastic. A common agricultural device, this net is available at farm supply stores.

Hexagonal netting is also known as chicken netting. It creates room for ventilation and keeps your flocks away from the reach of predators. The net serves as a barrier between your garden and your chickens. With it, your flocks are discouraged from destroying your garden plants.

Chicken net is easy to use. It could be light-weighted (when made from plastic) and easily cleaned. Use hexagonal netting in your poultry to derive numerous advantages and witness transformation in your garden or poultry.

Hexagonal net
In the market there are hexagonal network of different materials such as plastic net, galvanized wire and carbon steel.

Advantages of Using Hexagonal Netting in Your Garden or Poultry

Today, numerous gardeners and poultry owners use this net. There are various benefits that can be derived from using the tool.

  • Durability

Hexagonal netting is recommended for its durability. When you procure this netting device, you save yourself from spending money on netting devices in the nearest future. The plastic version of chicken netting is exceptionally durable as it remains the same for live. The high tensile strength of plastic hexagonal net protects it from deformation and contortion.

  • Protection

To successfully run a poultry or nurture a garden, it is paramount that you provide protection for your plants. The net helps you achieve this. It guards your chickens and eggs from hawks, snakes and other predators. Similarly, it ensures that your garden plants are protected and kept away from the reach of chickens. Chicken net contains your flocks and discourages them from roaming.

Chicken net
Acquiring hexagonal mesh brings many benefits one of them is its great durability due to its high quality also provides protection to the chicken coop.
  • Easy Maintenance

Hexagonal netting allows for a hygienic poultry and promotes the health of your flocks. This device can be easily handled and cleaned. Cleaning does not only provide for a hygienic environment but also ensures that the device serves you for a long time.

The openings on the hexagonal netting allows for ventilation and illumination. Ventilation is vital for your flocks and plants as it prevents heat-stress. The holes on the net allows your plants and birds to access fresh air and sunlight that promotes good health. Also, rainwater can reach your plants while you install hexagonal net for their protection.

Polyhardware net
Other benefits of the hexagonal mesh is easy to use to clean the mesh and promotes the health of the chicken coop and the openings in the mesh allows ventilation and lighting.

Some of the Characteristics of Hexagonal Nets

Hexagonal netting can be identified with its characteristics. Although there are various types of this agricultural tool in stores, they can be identified with some characteristics. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Hole openings

This net can be identified with the hexagonal holes on them. The openings are 1 inch by 1 inch wide.

  • Light-weighted

Plastic hexagonal nets are more light-weighted that other types. They are portable and easy to adjust.

  • Nontoxic

This does not come with toxins. It is eco-friendly and gentle on plants and birds. It is designed not to endanger the lives of your flocks and plants.

Hexagonal nets play a major role in running a poultry or garden properly. Ensure that you use the device.

Hexagonal mesh sample
What most characterizes the hexagonal mesh is its light weight which allows it to be easily transported also that the mesh is not toxic.
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