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Constantly, plants are attacked by a number of diseases. Hardware nets can be used as a disease protector.  Insets like mosquitoes are disease vectors and can unleash a number of diseases on your crops, which could lead to a lot of losses.

Crops suffer predation from birds and bats and if not properly checked, volumes may be lost.  Hardware nets help increase crop yield by protecting crops from predators and enabling plants reach full maturity. These nets are mostly used for the protection of fruit crops from birds and insects and bats, the most commons predators. These predators can cause great damages to farmers as they tend to peck one fruit, then move to another, hence damaging a good number of produce. Such crops include: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and so on. These nets are placed strategically, creating an enclosure for the crops. They do not need special skills or machineries to be set up.

hardware nets
There are different types of hardware networks and one of them prevents the entry of mosquitoes.

Hardware nets also help to keep animals such as rabbits, mice, goats, dogs, wild foxes, pigs, cats, parrots and kangaroos out of the farm. These animals, when left unchecked can contribute their fair share of damage. They do not only significantly damage crops, gardens and even other domestic animals and livestock but they can also cause soil erosion and pollution.

Roles of hardware nets in the protection of fish farms

Hardware nets are not only used for the protection of plants from animals and insects. They are also used for a good number of reasons on fish farms. They are used for growing, trapping and feeding on fish farms. It is a perfect way to ward off seagulls and predator birds. Another reason for the use of nets is to keep leaves out of the fish pond. This is common when the pond is situated in an area where large trees are present. The presence of leaves in the pond makes the pond look very untidy. As these leaves begin to decompose they release a lot of compounds which could put the lives of your fish at risk and promote the growth of algae. Fish farmers that have fish die in the winter often attribute it to the cold, not knowing that this fish loss is because of the leaf buildup in the pond.

Hardware mesh
In addition to mosquitoes, it also keeps foxes, rabbits, mice, and if placed in a pond, it prevents fish from escaping.

Hardware nets however, possess a number of unique features which make them preferable when it comes to fish farming. Such features include:

  • They are strong enough to protect against predator birds
  • They have openings which enable the easy penetration of oxygen into the fish pond and increased water flow
  • They are durable because they are corrosion resistant and not always being handled.
  • They reduce stress because the nets are seldom moved and so require less cleaning.
  • They are also lightweight and so incur little cost of transportation upon purchase
hardware meshes benefits on farms.
An advantage of the hardware mesh is that if you sink into a pond the openings allow the water to flow.

Hardware nets are preferred by farmers because they are useful for a large number of factors and also very efficient, there are a lot of hardware meshes benefits on farms.

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