GUACAMALLA nylon mesh works as a great protection from birds

Keep your harvest safe with this simple but effective method of protection from birds

bird net installed for protection
There are many methods that you can apply to protect yourself from the attack of birds.

There are a lot of ways to protect your fruit trees from being eaten by birds. Many methods of protection from birds out there ensure they eradicate the problem without hurting these animals, but actually they may be effective just in short term. Reflective bands, scarecrows or noisemakers might work for a season, before becoming useless when birds start getting used to it. Other methods, such as bird repellent, are not harmful either, but turn out to be expensive due to constant replenishment of the product and also, some birds can become immune over time.

Guacamalla meshes work as a great, and at the same time cheap, option of protection from birds; it is made of a strong, long lasting nylon fiber that does not mistreat plants or animals, but also is very efficacious when to protect your fruit trees is about. Being made of plastic makes them more resistant than twine ones, and more elastic and cheaper than metal ones. Its installation is very simple: It is placed over and around trees when fruits start to sprout, to make easier the maintenance and manipulation most of the time, and it is taken off when harvesting. Another advantage of this protection from birds mesh is that preserves your fruit trees yield, but also let them grow healthy having as much contact to sun light as they would have without the mesh on.

protection from birds
The mesh doesn’t cause any damage to the fruits as it even helps them achieve good performance and development.

These meshes can be destined to other uses as well, for example:

  • As a protection from birds to limit their entry to urban, historic or public buildings. Pigeons have become one of the most common plagues of these times, and are the responsible of many respiratory diseases and even cancer. They are known for being very smart birds and this is the reason why they are so hard to scare away, because they get used to most of the methods used. Guacamalla can be used to cover windows, balconies and rooftops to avoid pigeons and other birds to live in any building.
  • To prevent bats from eating your harvest. Bats are, along with birds, one of the biggest concerns for farmers. Same as with birds, bats don’t get hurt with this protection method.
  • Guacamalla can even be used as a safety measure at home, as a fence for windows, balconies, and even indoors, to keep your children and pets safe from accidents or to limit the passage to certain areas of your home.

    Pigeons trying to enter protected area by GUACAMALLA bird net
    The GUACAMALLA mesh provides good care for the fruits, without damaging neither the trees nor the birds.

Besides using Guacamalla as an option of protection from birds, you could also build feeders and place them in a strategic spot of your farm. You could even let some trees without a protective mesh so birds could feed but without ruining what is meant for sale. These practices will protect bird’s habitat, providing them of the food they need, and also will be of benefit to you in long term, because they will learn where to eat and where not, which will save you concerns as you take care of the wildlife that is necessary to have a balanced ecosystem.

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