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Greenhouse Staging | What is and How We Can Take Advantage

Greenhouse Staging means to strategically position your plants in the most productive spots inside the greenhouse framework.  A greenhouse is designed to create an adequate gardening or growing condition to be used by several different plant types during various stages of growth.  Once a suitable growing condition develops, Greenhouse Staging is integrated with your greenhouse to help maximize these growing conditions.  You will need to purchase or acquire some benches in order to begin the greenhouse staging process.  You can use single leveled benches or benches that have multiple levels, also known as multi-tiered benches.  For temporary greenhouses, foldable benches can be used to quick and easy setup.  For a more permanent solution, your fixtures or benches can be more rigid.

The fundamental idea is to enable plants to be positioned in the most effective location internally without adding more size to the existing greenhouse structure.  The top sections of the staging is reserved for the plants that will require maximum sunlight.  Obviously, shady plants will be placed at the bottom of the stage.  The Greenhouse staging process will also create the ability to implement a watering system for your plants.  Unique capillary material can be bundled with staging to produce a constant source of water for the young plants trying to grow.  These capillaries will also help with drainage.

Greenhouse Staging
The greenhouses are designed to create conditions for an adequate growth of crops.

What type of benches should I use?  If you require a more portable staging solution, Aluminum benches are beneficial because they are so lightweight.  If you require a long term solution, wooden benches can be installed as a permanent fixture inside the greenhouse.  Use wood that is specifically coated to prevent decay and rot.  Aluminum fixtures are recommended among gardeners because they are durable and waterproof.  Wood is Good because it can be visually appealing and is more natural.

Once more reason for Greenhouse staging is to maximize the surface space inside the greenhouse, clearly increasing the cultivar space is much easier when using SCROG NETTING as this system called screen of green will allow the plants to stay up right and maximize their solar exposure.  To produce increased surface area, the benches are accessible with one, two and three tiers.  The Multi-tiered benches can be designed with changeable, folding or moving shelves to satisfy several different plant heights.  You can even locate some benches that will have storage areas built in the bottom of them to store tools and other greenhouse growing supplies.  Either bench available does promote various colors and designs.

screen of green
When the SCROG method is used, it allows plants maximum exposure to sunlight.

SCROG net is also know ad trellis netting

You may need to utilize a specialized hanging fixture.  For example, hanging benches can be utilized if it is not practical to your greenhouse to use benches with legs.  For those unique growing projects, free standing fixtures are ideal. Removable trays are added to some benches to help with plant transplanting in the spring.  The trays are often times segmented to stop plant roots from getting tangled.  Some types will even have slots built into their design to allow better air flow and drainage.

SCROG netting
You can use benches with legs can be made of wood or aluminum or you can also use hanging benches.

Happy Greenhouse Staging!

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