Mallajuana is specially designed to be used for Screen of Green trellises

mallajuana support used for support in crops
The screen of green method has as purpose, achieve the production of the plant.

SCROG: What is Screen of Green? Well, Screen of Green (also known as ScrOG) is a tutoring method in which a plant that naturally grows vertically is trained to grow horizontally, saving space as much as possible. It is very common to confuse ScrOG with SOG, which stands for Sea of Green. This is a completely different tutoring method, and differs from the first one in that the network is vertically disposed, and in that its objective is to accelerate the vegetative process of the plant by limiting its height. Instead, what Screen of Green trellises seek is to improve a plant’s production by, like it was exposed before, training it to grow horizontally.

To begin with, aterialit is important to choose an adequate to be used as a trellis, because this is what dictates the course and development of the method and the success of the final result as well. There are many types of nets in the market, and it is also truth that according to different experts’ opinions, some work better than others; nevertheless, the most recommended are nylon nets, such as Mallajuana meshes. These Screen of Green trellises made of nylon are strong and resistant but, at the same time, are provided of flexibility, which allows manipulating the plant much easier when needed.

scrog method used in crops with mallajuana mesh
MALLAJUANA MESH are very resistant and strong, being the best option for the scrog method.

The whole process itself is actually very easy; first, Screen of Green trellises must be placed approximately 12 inches (30 cm) above of the plant, so that the main stem is tall enough to start sprouting secondary stems. When this stems start to grow it is needed to use “tracking” technique; this allows two stems to grow where it was only one before, and at the same time makes them stronger and leafier. As the branches elongate they have to be placed inside a square of the trellis and, when they have reached its top height, they have to be moved to the next empty square by sliding it under the mesh. This process has to be repeated as many times as needed to fill the whole trellis. The flowering stage must be started only when the mesh is full.

screen of green method used for support  in crops
The screen of green method are very effective method for get the best production.

Screen of Green trellises are so effective to enhance yields production because of, basically, two reasons; the first one is that it forces (or rather, trains) the plant to grow and stay proportionally distributed, so that the sun’s rays can approach every branch almost equally and that, obviously, is a determinant factor on which depends the plant’s growth and quality in general. This distribution also eases the flow of air currents, which prevents the plant of contracting infections. The second one is that this method is perfect for limited spaces and budgets; perfect for limited spaces because it restricts a plant’s height by training it to grow horizontally instead of vertically, which is especially convenient for indoors plantings; and perfect for limited budgets because the implementation of Screen of Green trellises reinforces a yield production up to 20% by providing the plant of a better disposition.

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