Genetic quality on seeds using hortomallas.

Taking advantage of high genetics in seeds using trellis meshes by HORTOMALLAS.

Take advantage of the genetic quality of your seeds using HORTOMALLAS, as this trellising net will have a positive and beneficial impact on your crop yields, from the pathogen prevention and plant development point of views this netting allows better yields in fruit production especially when growing seeds used for improving genetically the species of vegetables.

pepper seeds
Growing jalapeño chilis requires a reliable and sturdy support, the trellis net for these crops is manufactured in one piece and provides the required strength.

HORTOMALLAS will provide better future possibilities to plants´ performance and competitive development. Seeds are sexual reproduction units of plants and have the function to reproduce and multiply the species they belong to, being one of the most efficient ways to spread in time and space, they constitute a perennial mechanism for the plants to endure and adapt to ever changing surrounding generation after generation since they are the mobile unity of plants. Seeds are the means by which , even in a passive way, plants find new spots and microenviroments to grow on.  For all sorts of crops it is essential to consider seed quality for their success, as seeds are the starting point for production and it is essentia that they respond properly during sowing conditions to produce vigorous plants which will  to reach maximum fruit production performance.

bell pepper seeds
Bell pepper seeds are very expensive and in order to make the most out of the seed investment one should trellis vegetable crops.

From a sustainable point of view it is impossible to produce a good harvesting results without a quality seed nowadays, mostly product of seed hybridization and genetic engineering, since generally a hairloom seed crop may result of lower yields than one which results from hearty hydbrids designed for specific soil and weather conditions.  Without a doubt a good quality seed represents strategic advantage that allows agricultural activities to take place successfully, contributing to improve production yields as far as quality and profitability. This is the reason why there is great interest in technical and scientific works focused on stimulating and prolonging germination and later conservation of seeds and their genetics, that may increase profitability of crops in a environmentally sustainable way.

pepper plants with trellis net
The trellis net to double row crops recommended for chili, peppers and tomato

double walled in pepper plants
Varieties of chili seeds are selected by their great production, so require a good support system.

Since the end of WW2 farmers have intensified their agricultural production and in order to cover demand they had to resort to improved quality and quantity of seeds used, even resorting to industrial seed manufacturers agriculturalist are looking to achieve quality potential on the international production market. We must know and understand that succesful development of seeds depends on multiple factors for each their, plant formation, structure, unity, function so that we may understand their posibilities for productive and competitive life toward the environment and to the future. There are different growing methods available depending on the type of vegetable to be planted and the seed adequate for each soil type, eliminating the danger of genetical contamination.   In order to further improve yields it is important to reduce pathogenic factors, so it is advisable to use a trellising net for vegetable plant support like HORTOMALLAS on both sides of the planted rows, in either solanaceas or cucurbitaceas, as this support netting facilitates pruning and fruit picking; using the net for trellis support facilitates the manual removal of undergrowth weeds that debilitate the targeted crop while increasing the incidence of diseases.  Verticalizing the crops with trellis net improves phytosanitary conditons of the agricultural practices.

Current seed selection differentiates basic seeds (purity, high germination percentage, plant vigor and pathogens resistance according to the established quality standards on current regulations) from patent or registered seeds (which come from basic seeds and have to keep their genetical identity as varietal purity and fulfill quality requirements during inspection and certification) or certified seed (which come from the basic or patented seed, depending on the multiplying capacity of the variety; a certified seed must keep genetical identity, varietal purity, fullfil quality requirements, since it is the one that is sold and distributed to the grower).

chili seeds with trellis net
Investment in good quality seeds should be protected by giving a good support system to the transplanted nursery plants.

Each producer selects the seed of choice depending on specific needs in order to assure a good production and

The use of trellis net reduces labor, and  as the workers reduce contact with plants it prevents diseases that are transmitted mechanically.

competitive product and quality according to local market demands. After each growing season there must be an adequate complementary crop rotation, avoiding that the same species are not sowed in the same field too often.  By using HORTOMALLAS  in tomato, eggplant, cucumber, melon, chili pepper, water melon among others, the grower can assure his seeds for the next season or cycle while having guaranted quality, as mentioned before this kind of crops are cultivated traditionally using raffia or directly on the ground level; by applying the plastic trellis the plant will grow vertically, using the trellis as support and avoiding soil contact, which contact may be a vector of pathogen transmission like in teh case of fungal diseases, where the contact with the soil produces humidity to condensate on the leaves or fruits thereby inituiating the fungal decay process.  On the contrary HORTOMALLAS netting allows solar exposition, aeration and reduces humidity and decreasing micosis attacks of roots, stem, leaves and fruit. With the frequent use of a trellises, one is able to reduce the dependance on agrochemicals, improve biological control on vegetables, encouraging the production to be mostly organic.

Decreasing this and other incidences during crops cycle, the grower will obtain results that guarantee seeds with better genetic quality, controlled, improved and developed by producers, cheaper, having better yielding future crops which are healthier for human consumption.

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