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In these pictures you may see how your fellow growers are using HORTOMALLAS® flower tutoring net as gladiola support

Use these ideas to improve your gladiola crop productivity using flower support net as crop support. The great advantage of using HORTOMALLAS® netting for tutoring flowers is an improved phytosanitary conditions, thanks to improved aeration and decreased contact with the workers´ hands, as these are a vector for disease transmission and mechanical stress.


Flower support and tutoring net for gladiola increases financial crop results

The fresh cut flower market can be rewarding if one is able to produce a straight stem that can be packaged, transported and sold easily. Field grown flowers tend to lean and be a bit bent, and the consumer prefers what is a supported flower. Flower tutoring net also offers the advantage of measuring exactly the position of each plant as it goes in the bed, since the meshes at 90 degrees act as a planting guide for both axis. A well laid out crop will allow better spraying and overall control.