Bean Gallery

In these pictures you may see how your fellow growers are using HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting as vegetable support in beans

Use these ideas to improve your bean crop productivity using bean net as crop support. The great advantage of using HORTOMALLAS® netting for your tutoring of leguminose plants is an improved phytosanitary conditions, thanks to improved aeration and decreased contact with the workers´ hands, as these are a vector for disease transmission and mechanical stress. HORTOMALLAS® is the most used bean trellis net available on the market because of its ease of use and durability (it lasts many cycles therefore allowing its already low cost to be distributed over many crops, also allowing crop rotation)

Reducing physical contact between a worker and the plants is advisable as a way to contain diseases from spreading mechanically bean

so a system that allows the plant to self-tutor without the intervention of the hands of workers (which in most cases happens exactly when the plant is in its development stage) will have clear cultural advantages that turn into greater plant yield and reduced used of chemicals. A netting system that allows the plant to grow through the meshes that will then act as supports, reduces by a great deal transmission and spreading of pathogens.

This is how HORTOMALLAS® contributes to an bean improved phytosanitary condition and a reduction of the costs and quantity of spraying!