Flower Net

flower net, slower support

Support and Tutor your Flower Crops with Flower Net”

Using HORTOMALLAS flower net becomes an essential technical improvement for commercial cut flower growers, as a straight stem makes a difference when going to market with their crops so.

flower net
Supporting cut flower crops with HORTOMALLAS net has made growing flowers easier and more profitable.

Traditionally these type of tutors were constructed out of bamboo, sticks, wires and raffia, but the disadvantage is the high labor involved, the damage to the plants and finally the disease and stress these operations (and the moving of the tutors) on the plants, which of course reduced yield.  HORTOMALLAS flower net is so inexpensive that multiple layers are applied (instead of one that is moved upwardly as the plant grows) so the plant can grow undisturbed and produce as many cuts as it can, rather than concentrate its resources in fighting diseases.

Mesh for vines as a guide to the good development of flowers




Gerbera Daisies




Tutoring flowers is made simple and inexpensive with HORTOMALLAS, the right support for your cut flower crop.