Fish protection from birds in farms (mention seagulls, cormorants, pelicans and other marauding species)

Fish protection from birds in farms

bird net used in aquaculture
In the fish farming is very important protect your fishes against the bird attack.

Predation protection measures are very important in fish farming. Fish farming is lucrative but damages predators cause has great economic consequences. Predators survive on fishes they capture from natural or artificial ponds. They can capture both big and smaller sized fishes conveniently.  The worst can happen when the fish pond’s location is where a large population of these predatory birds resides and the pond is unprotected. These predators can finish an entire pond especially when they are operating in large numbers.

Fish protection from birds in farms is one of the ways fish farmers can increase production and record more profit. And even though profit is not the main reason for venturing into fish farming in the first place, using support will also make you achieve whatever goal you have in mind.
Before choosing the fish protection method to use, there are few things fish farmers should be aware of. First, there are different species of birds and each one of them has different feeding habits. They can feed at both night and day too.

bird barrier for fish protection
With a correct protection of your fish farm, you can get better more profit.

Types of predatory birds
It is important to know that not all birds are predators. Most of them will come around and not cause harm to your aquatic livestock. Birds that kill fish have developed mouth parts and other features that make them good fish-killers. But even with all the features and aggression, they can still be protected from killing fish. Birds that kill fish are:

1.    Seagulls

2.    Cormorants

3.    Pelicans

4.    Egrets

5.    Terns

6.    Blackbirds

7.    Mergansers

8.    Belted Kingfisher

They have a repertoire of feeding habits and come in different sizes.

bird net installed for protection
An advantage of the fish protection is avoid that birds spreading diseases.

Advantages of Fish protection from birds in farms
Fish protection from birds has many advantages. Economically, it is viable to the farmer who wants to make more profit. It prevents predators from reducing the bird population which means more fish and more profit for the farmer.
Another advantage of using fish protection is that it prevents birds from spreading diseases. Birds come in contact with dead and decomposing bodies where they harbor disease-causing organisms and spread to ponds when they come in contact with the pond to catch fishes.
Another advantage of fish protection from birds in farms is that it prevents fishes from sustaining injuries. Birds most times miss their target leaving an injury on the body of the fish which may also result in the death of the livestock.
Fish farmers who are experiencing a constant attack from predatory birds must act fast before the damage gets out of hand. There are different bird species that attack fishes but one can prevent them from having contact with aquatic livestock through the use of netting. It is effective and can withstand the aggressions from birds.

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