Find the best price of ground cover here. Anti-weed professional economic and effective method

The ground cover cloth at the lowest market price that interrupts the growth of weeds without impeding soil transpiration.

By blocking the light the ground cover cloth in fact prevents the growth of herbs that can get to subtract nutrients and water to the crop. This is because the weeds in the dark do not proliferate. The non-woven fabric is 99% impervious to sunlight, but allows air and water to penetrate. By preventing weeds from growing below the mesh, plants grow more vigorous and save on fertilizer use and above all on irrigation. Also the ground cover cloth is placed above the terrain on slopes to avoid the water erosion and to protect the soil from the deprivation of its nutrients.

mulch cloth usen in crops
Mulch helps prevent the growth of weeds in your crops and also helps control water erosion.

Ground cover cloth: a real barrier against weeds in garden and orchard, at the lowest cost

In addition to blocking the growth of weeds, the fabric of the ground cover cloth contributes to maintaining constant temperature and humidity. The ground cover cloth has a very closed but not completely waterproof fabric. The mesh does not wither and protects crops without damaging the environment. On the contrary, the chemicals normally used for weeding are harmful to plants and to the health of consumers.

Ground cover cloth, quality assurance and better performance at the best price

By guaranteeing the quality and cleanliness of the crops, the ground cover reduces the maintenance and manpower required to manually weed out. It does not deform or break because it is made of high quality materials for maximum strength and durability. Stabilized against UV rays. Made from polypropylene monofilaments, it is resistant even under extreme weather conditions, – heavy rains, ice and hailstorms.

weed fabric used for protection.
The ground cover provides a durable and very durable option to care for your plants against weeds.

Easy and fast placement of the ground cover

Before unrolling and extending the mesh on the ground, it is advisable to clean the ground. It is possible to proceed mechanically or using natural anti-weed products such as pelargonic acid or malic acid or both at the same time. Then the ground cover, the woven nonwoven mesh is placed, so that ordinary operations can be carried out, among which the fertilizer is applied. To complete the installation it is recommended to fix the ground cover cloth to the floor so that it does not come dragged by the wind.

Advantages of ground cover application

price of ground cover
The ground cover fabric offers multiple advantages when applied to your crops.
  • It improves production as it increases the concentration of nutrients in the soil and retains the adequate amount of water
  • It defends the terrain of weeds, avoiding their germination and contrasting their development
  • Protects crop from adverse weather conditions
  • Maintains constant values ​​of temperature and humidity, avoiding excessive evaporation and thus allowing a saving in the amount of irrigation
  • Prevents ground erosion
  • Improves the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil
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