Fantastic way of growing pumpkins on a trellis

Growing pumpkins on a trellis – Works well for little varieties.

pumpkin with vertical trellis support
Grow pumpkin can be a little complicated by the space that is required for the plant.

The extending vines of the famous orange pumpkin get introduced around the festive season. Most people love pumpkins, and they are easy to grow and maintain, but people tend to turn away from growing due to the enormous space they use. Some gardening spaces are limited or full of other plants you don’t want your pumpkins twirling themselves around and invading. There is a solution to consider growing pumpkins on a trellis. There are small varieties of pumpkins that are perfect to use with the netting. The netting offers support for growing pumpkins on a trellis by supporting the vines that hold the pumpkins. Netting is perfect to keep pumpkins off the ground to avoid them rotting and growing fungus that will destroy pumpkins.

Is it possible to grow pumpkins on a trellis?

Fellow gardeners out there it is entirely right, you can grow pumpkins using the trellis support system. Vertical gardening is the answer to the problems of limited spaces and fungi plus pests that can wreak havoc with your pumpkin plants. By improving air circulation, you are lowering the risk of diseases that can infect your crops. It will also allow easy access to when you need to get to the plants.

pumpkin crops
The vertical support system gives you multiple advantages for your garden.

Benefits of growing pumpkins on a trellis:

  • Large grid opening makes the trellis suitable for pumpkins
  • Increased air circulation getting to each of the plants
  • Gets the pumpkins off the damp soil avoiding rot and fungus
  • Encourages growth
  • UV stabilized
  • Eco-friendly

What sort of pumpkins should I be using with trellis?

Growing pumpkins on a trellis work well for little varieties. Little pumpkin varieties such as small sugar and frosty work well with trellis! The trellis can support the wider varieties like autumn gold which can also be trellised but only if they get supported properly.

How to set it up?

It’s better not to use any type of twine as this can rot and breed pathogens that can infect and destroy the plants. Trellis netting is perfect to use it is strong, durable and won’t rust or breed bacteria. You can use some imagination and make different designs like arches or circles with the trellis netting as it is flexible to mould how you would like it. Growing pumpkins on a trellis will require you to install the trellis before planting the pumpkins.

pumpkin crops using trellis net in garden
The trellis system provides a strong support to guide the growth of the plant.

If you are building larger pumpkins or installing a few plants then it’s recommended installing a sling just for some added support for the bigger size and amount of vegetables you have. Plant the seeds all in a row right in front of the trellis.  As the vines grow, you will need to wrap them through the trellis and upright; this will train them to go up the trellis. Once the plants get bigger, and their leaves expand, it will cover the trellis so you won’t see much of the trellis but a wall of green.

If you plant more prominent types of pumpkins, you may require slings for some extra added support for the extra weight of the bigger pumpkin. You can buy slings, or you can make your own using an old stretchy t-shirt or towel. You want to achieve the pumpkin sitting safely and supported inside a hammock. If each pumpkin is less than 5 pounds, most likely you won’t need to worry about slings. However, if you are going for a type that would be over this weight, you will need slings connected to the trellis.

growing pumpkins on a trellis
There are many ways in which you can create a sturdy support for pumpkins.

Watch out for birds

You will need to watch out for birds. Birds are a big problem in the garden they will shred your plant’s root system when trying to find those juicy worms. As you will be keeping your pumpkins on the trellis, it exposes the bottom of the plant some aviary netting will keep birds away. The bottom of the plant is what birds love. The worms are found near moist areas right where you water your plants. Aviary netting is recommended just to protect your pumpkins from birds.

Growing miniature pumpkins

hortomallas trellis support net in pumpkin crops
It’s necessary to know the needs that are required when it comes to growing pumpkins.

You can start miniature pumpkins inside just a few weeks before you have the last frost, or if preferred you can put them directly straight into the ground. Pumpkins need full sun whether growing minis or full size they are very big feeders. Make the ground moist and fertilized before planting. The mini varieties of pumpkins are vine growers. They like to climb and spread, so it is ideal that you are growing pumpkins on a trellis. Trellis is best for pumpkins as they don’t like their leaves watered, by using trellis you have access to the roots directly and will avoid watering the leaves directly. Pumpkins like moisture, when planting use mulch to retain the moisture when watering.

Avoid the mould problem

The main disease that attacks pumpkins is the powdery mildew. Applying fungicides at the first sign of the problem but if your pumpkins are growing on a trellis, you most likely won’t have much of a mould problem as the plants, leaves, and vegetable will be up off the ground growing up the trellis. Humid weather encourages mildew and other diseases so keep an eye on your plants. The mini varieties will produce about ten mini pumpkins, only pick once they are orange all over and the stem is nice and dry.

vertical support system with net used in pumpkin crops
The trellis method is the ideal to guide the development of the plant.

You want to make sure you look after your pumpkin plants to help them reach their potential. Climbing vegetables and plants like pumpkins that just grow like crazy are well suited for trellis. When growing pumpkins on a trellis, it trains them to develop in a natural manner, so you end up not fighting with them in the garden. In no time you’ll be picking your successful trellis vegetables.

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