Enticing cucumbers trellis with the TRICOLOR mesh has just become even more economical and efficient!

Real case of an Agricola in Jalisco: HORTOMALLAS is much easier and faster than the method of supporting vegetables with raffia and cotton yarn.

 in the Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. The cultivator Carrillo managed to plant 4 cycles of pickle cucumber. Nunhems Jackson followed on a surface of 12 hectares, using a distance between rows of 1.80m with padding and drip irrigation. The distance between posts was 2 meters. Of this total area, there were 4 macro tunnels and 8 open fields. Nutrition:

tricolor mesh packaging and use
Tricolor mesh is packaged in practical 100 meter packages

Oroginally, this cultivator in Jalisco was using two horizontal support lines of raffia (one above and one down along the furrow). The raffia thread used was a black caliber and a cotton caliber 4, used to create a series of supports and semi vertical guides. This cotton thread had a serious problem because if it were to be mistakenly cut during pruning or harvest, the whole trellis system would come down. 

In addition, installing this cotton yarn requires 15 workers per hectare, and it does not last as many cycles, so the production managers need to program their weaving and reinstallation each cycle, increasing the start-up costs of each planting lot.

cucumbers trellis
 Approach of the tricolor cucumbers trellis mesh box

Thanks to having implemented the TRICOLOR HORTOMALLAS as a vertical support system that replaces the cotton thread for the support of cucumbers, the cultivator Carrillo managed to lower the need for workers per hectare from 15 to 4. But the great advantage continues to bear fruit during the cultivation phases, since using a two-dimensional mesh system instead of vertical yarns leads to less intervention and subjection to the thread by tutoring manually. Hence, allowing the cucumber net to strongly secure to the TRICOLOR guard mesh.

The unexpected result is that in addition to lowering the cost of cucumber tutoring, losses in yields of the plants are reduced considering that by manipulating and guiding them manually, the plant stops producing fruits and concentrating its energies in rearranging the foliar apparatus until it has reached maximum photosynthetic ability. Days of fruit filling lost can be calculated in 10 days per cycle, and are days in which several tons of cucumber are lost.

Another advantage of tutoring with TRICOLOR HORTOMALLAS is the reduction of the mechanical transmission of phytopathogens. Even though a cultivator implements phytosanitary protocols, it is very common for workers to become vectors of transmission of pathogens during the phases of manual tutoring, as they are manipulating one plant after the other.

hectare entutorada with cucumber mesh
With the cucumber trellis you can train several hectares at a low cost

Especially in the open field or in macro tunnels, where there may be an initial contagion due to insect causes, it is common that the hands or clothes of the operators carry viruses, fungi or bacteria from a plant during the pruning and tutoring phases of the plant to another plant without knowing it. This type of infection can sometimes destroy entire crops, since the manifestation and detection of symptoms may be too late and happen after the disease has taken control of the fie

Yields in tons.

Using the traditional method of raffia and cotton, the total yield was 243 tons per hectare, with a cost of 90 days during all the cycle, with this fertilization:

Kilogram x hectare for irrigation: NIT of pot 10, Nit of Cal 12, Nit of mag 7, Fosfonit 5.

Weekly: Map 10, Q Fe 1, Q mn 1, Q zn 1/2, A fulvico 4, A humico 4, A boric 1, Fos pot 2, Vel Fructon 2, Maxigrow 1/2, Rootfactor 1

# CycleInstalationPruningTutoringHaverst tonsQuality
1er Cycle145660National
2do Cycle145663National
3er Cycle145660National
4to Cycle145660National
# CycleInstalationPruningTutoringHaverst tonsQuality
1er Cycle44582Export
2do Cycle44592Export
3er Cycle44590Export
4to Cycle44590Export

It can be noted that the increase in yield in tons is 114 and the reduction in the cost of wages is 48.

This is a clear example of the need and convenience of the implementation and use of HORTOMALLAS products for the cultivation of cucumbers. The TRICOLOR cucumber trellis is the demonstration that even in a crop as simple as cucumber, it requires few technological changes to increase profitability without increasing the cost of production.

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