Easy, practical, and economical idea to create privacy and wind protection in gardens and terraces: the GROUNDCOVER mesh for privacy installed over a chain-link fence.

 You wouldn’t have guessed the use of GROUNDCOVER mesh for privacy, right?

 You wouldn’t have guessed the use of GROUNDCOVER mesh for privacy, right? We’ll show you how you can relax in your garden by creating a private corner to spend pleasant time alone or with company. In fact, creating a restful area in the garden has never been easier. Not being able to enjoy a large and cozy outdoor space due to the wind is a real shame. So, here we explain how to shield your terrace from the wind to enjoy pleasant hours while maintaining your privacy. Designing an outdoor space, whether it’s a spacious garden with a dedicated social area or a terrace, involves planning the available space to create a place where you can spend quality time immersed in complete privacy. With the GROUNDCOVER mesh for privacy, you can transform your outdoor space into an area of true relaxation, even if you don’t have extensive financial possibilities.


 The GROUNDCOVER privacy mesh limits visibility from the outside, protecting the private area where it’s installed.

Privacy for Chain-Link Fence

If you already have a chain-link fence in place, you’ll simply need to place the GROUNDCOVER privacy mesh over the bars and secure it using wire or plastic ties. This way, you’ll have a garden where you can sit and relax, either resting or peacefully contemplating nature. On a terrace, you can use a privacy mesh curtain placed at the front and sides. Thanks to its wind breaking properties, you’ll enjoy two advantages simultaneously. You can experience a night under the stars without being bothered by annoying wind, and you can rest without worrying about prying eyes. Whether you have a terrace, garden, or patio, you can create a relaxation area by utilizing the GROUNDCOVER mesh. In addition to preventing prying eyes from your property, another advantage of the GROUNDCOVER mesh is its wind-breaking capability.


An appealing and aesthetically interesting solution to transform an open area into an intimate private space with GROUNDCOVER mesh.

If you wish for your garden to become a perfect place for solitude as well as for hosting parties or lunches with friends, the privacy mesh offers the best outcome. Often, it’s necessary to create a bit of privacy in the garden, on the terrace, or in the patio. In any case, it’s the only way to truly enjoy outdoor spaces without giving up on your own habits. For instance, if you’re fortunate to have a spacious terrace situated among the roofs of surrounding houses, or if you possess a beautiful garden that is highly exposed to the exterior, having privacy structures can be beneficial. Transforming your space into a genuinely private area allows you to entertain guests or simply enjoy your leisure moments away from prying eyes. Our private space will be shielded from the gaze of strangers.

  • GROUNDCOVER mesh for privacy: an excellent way to have a space where you’ll feel secluded and tranquil without sacrificing sunlight and fresh air.
  • No one will disturb you: the mesh will keep you away from prying eyes, ensuring perfect privacy.
  • Confidentiality is a vital quality that should be upheld in every part of the house, especially outdoors, where it’s more susceptible to the curious glances of neighbors and passersby.
  • GROUNDCOVER mesh guarantees utmost privacy, even when you want to sunbathe freely.



The design and colors of the GROUNDCOVER mesh make it so that when installed on a chain-link fence, it acquires an aesthetic appearance.

How to Shield Your Terrace and Garden from the Wind? Windbreak Privacy Mesh

If your outdoor space is located on a high floor, like a penthouse, an annoying atmospheric element can hinder its enjoyment, even in good weather: the wind! Especially if your terrace isn’t shielded from other buildings or if it’s near the sea, and therefore subject to strong gusts and, furthermore, carrying salt, the wind not only disrupts your desire to be outdoors but also puts your furniture and plants at serious risk, especially in winter when the impact of icy wind is even more damaging. To protect yourself from the wind, sunlight, or simply to create a secluded corner, meshes allow you to achieve truly impressive results with minimal resources and in a short amount of time. It’s that simple: metal structures are covered with screens made of mesh available in various colors.

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