The use of tomato trellises for your sowing will improve crop’s quality.

vertical support system applied on tomato crops
Tomato trellises is a method that helps the plant achieve the desired growth.

Tomato trellises are one of the most recent tutoring methods, that is why many agronomists still stick to traditional techniques, which offer more complications than profits. HORTOMALLAS trellises are made of thin but strong nylon, designed to support tomato plants, offering convenience y eases to producers. One of the best improvements it features is that workers will not need to reinforce plant’s support by tying new branches; conversely, the mesh works as a support itself and the plant will hang on its holes as it grows. This leads to a considerable decrease of diseases onsets due to the possible contact with workers contaminated hands, or to the harm made by mechanical stress.  If it were necessary to attach the plant to the tomato trellis for more endurance, HORTOCLIPS are a very suggested option.

tomato harvest in cropfield
The clips are made of a material that prevents fungi from hiding and invades crops.

These clips, such as trellises, are made of plastic, which does not allow the accommodation or dispersion of fungi and viruses, reducing even more the possibilities of infections appearances, which could jeopardize the health of the whole harvest. HORTOCLIPS also prove to be a very good alternative for raffia, since they are reusable, non-slip, let the plant breath (because they do not press it to hold it) and are placed in such a way that they do not choke loaded stems. Raffia by contrast, is known by lodging several pathogenic agents inside the twine, where they are out of reach of fungicides, which makes it nearly impossible to eradicate them. If HORTOCLIPS are used together with HORTOMALLAS tomato trellises, the health of your sowing will rise, and the risks will be much smaller. Therefore, the speed of the production will be stepped-up, and in turn, you will get bigger and more even and colorful tomatoes.

tomato trellises
The type of lattice will depend on the needs of the crop.

There are multiple ways of installing tomato trellises; they can be attached to a wooden frame, or be tensioned with the help of posts located at both ends of the groove; this will depend of the type of disposition you choose for the trellis, some of the most common are:

  • Horizontal: The trellis is placed above of the groves, with a certain distance from the ground. It is usually held by posts on the ends of the grove. The plant is let to grow until it reaches the trellis, where it lays on to get leafier.
  • V Shape Trellis: With this disposition it is not necessary at all to secure the plant to the tomato trellis, being that they will lean on it naturally.
  • Vertically or Double Wall: The plant grows between two “walls” of trellis. Despite of this method needs the use of HORTOCLIPS to give better support to the plant, it helps it to grow vigorously, increasing the production. Also, using two trellises rather than a single one is much more favorable, because it is not so necessary a constant pruning and offers greater endurance.
tomato plant using hortomallas meshes
It’s important to review the care you should have if you decide to change from one method to another.

It is recommended that if you consider changing from traditional methods to trellis, you should increase the dose of fertigation since the plant, by growing more robust, will increase the production, and if given the same dose as other methods, fruits will not grow as large as they have to.

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