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Tutoring using HORTOMALLAS trellis netting as part of the desinfection process growing vegetables.

Desinfection of vegetable crops is easier with trellis netting.

Microorganism that may contaminate vegetable production are due to inadequate processes of desinfection on growing fields and deficient methods of cultivation, among them the lack of a good tutoring and support system.

The possible inadequate sanitation processes in the growing fields are using contaminated residual water, poor workers hygiene and inadequate agricultural practices.

desinfection is easy with HORTOMALLAS
The form of tutoring crops influences the efficiency of agricultural work . The back mesh allows work to be effective in disinfection .

Suitable example of cabbage How to use disinfection equipment to reduce infections to vegetable farming practice

Another common way for pathogen microorganism in vegetables is shown when workers do not take adequate hygienic precautions when they are in direct contact with the crops.  Using pesticides is another risk factor for pathogenic contamination. Workers responsible for applying these substances should make sure to have minimum direct plant contact in order to avoid contaminating or damaging them.

When workers present an risky infectious diseases venues as diarrhea or open wounds, they must be exempted from being in contact with plants since they are a source of infection, that could affect the crops or the other workers if they do not follow adequate sanitary practices.  The type of pathogenic microorganism on vegetables irrigated using contaminated water or infected by sick workers or with deficient hygiene practices are: Protozoa, bacterium and viruses.

Protozoa are highly resistant microorganisms due to their cysts in the phase formation. This makes them resistant to different environmental conditions. Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lambia cause stomach flu and traces have been found testing fresh vegetables either in developing countries or the USA.

pruning eggplan
Agricultural work such as pruning or crop disinfection is easier when entutora with trellis net.
desinfection of rows
Accessibility between rows , facilitating the activities undertaken . And reducing potential direct contacts with vegetables.

Furrow accessibility and making it easier working around and avoiding direct vegetable contact.  Trellising horticultural plants using trellis netting increases air flow in between plants, reduces pathogens and makes general disinfection of the growing areas much easier as the chemicals used can reach further in since the plant is trained vertically.

Among the viruses that may be spread by food we may find: hepatitis A, enterovirus (Polio, eco and Norwalk) Adenovirus, rotavirus,astrovirus among others.

Pathogenic bacteria has been associated to fresh food consumption, to mention a few: Escherichia coli associated to melon consumption, Salmonella associated to tomato and melon, and cyclospora for raspberries. This situation puts at stake horticultural products consumers health.

desinfection with trellis net
The double row of mesh provides better support the plants and keep them free channels facilitating disinfection.
crop desinfection
This is an example of cultivating at ground level where passing workers damages the plant, flowers and fruits.

Tutoring crops using HORTOMALLAS® is an appropriate agricultural practice that makes for efficient vegetable desinfection process, decreases the number of workers needed and avoids direct vegetable-worker contact.

Agricultural field disinfection processes are made easier when having vegetables on the trellised espallier: netting makes the furrow it accessible for the worker to walk around plants  while using chemicals, avoiding damages to the vegetative cellular structure. HORTOMALLAS® does not require a lot of workers, this reduction of direct contact with possible infectious.

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