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Cucumbers trained to a Cucumber Trellis as an important crop for the country’s economy

Cucumber Trellis by HORTOMALLAS®, much better than natural fiber twine traditionally used in crop farming

For the agricultural sector of a country’s economy, the segment of organic vegetables as a result of using cucumber trellis has a significant impact by its contribution to the generation of employment in rural areas since training cucumbers to trellis netting results in a better product.  The cucumber is an important vegetable.  In spite of having little nutritional value, being almost 100% water, it is rich in vitamins A and C besides containing sulfur, for which it is widely used in the cosmetic industry.  The cucumber is eaten a lot because it is a good salad ingredient.  

This document comprises the first stage of the  SAGARPACONACYT  2009-II-126183 project (Mexico) and information is presented about the production and commercialization in national and international markets of produce such as the cucumber with the aim of aiding decision making about agricultural development that is protected by a competitive environment and that is profitable (by using cucumber support).  This will create jobs and better income for produce growers in the northeast region and especially in southern Baja California.

Cucumber Trellis
Cucumber is the vegetable most used in salads because it is a good ingredient.

Example of a length of HORTOMALLAS® cucumber trellis for training the plants to a cucumber support

In the first part of this work the role of fresh cucumbers (better if trained to cucumber trellis) or refrigerated cucumbers, in the national and international market, is presented.  A search was made of uses, quality control norms, stages of the life cycle of the product, and substitute or similar products.  In the second part of the document information is given about the international markets, showing information about exportation and importation of the product as well as historical, present, and future supply and demand by country.

Cucumber plant with support mesh
The advantage of the HORTOMALLAS® mesh is that it gives extra support to cucumber plants.

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