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Cucumbers On A Trellis And Planting Ideas

Cucumbers on a Trellis – Tips for Growing the Crop

Before you think of growing and placing cucumbers on a trellis, always remember that adequate water supply is the main secret to cultivating sweet and delicious cucumbers anywhere. Vertical gardening is also very vital especially when you want to save space. In this case, trellising cucumber is a great idea.
Planting cucumbers at home in a vegetable garden is fun and very simple. Anyone can succeed with cucumber even if they do not have much experience with the crop.

Cucumber support netting to create a trellis
Cucumber support netting is installed on poles roughly 10-15 feet apart using an optional tensioning cable that is weaved in between the upper meshes of the cucumber trellis net.

Here are some tips for growing cucumbers.

  • Plant at the right time

Remember that cucumber plants are warm-weather crops. Therefore, they are very sensitive to frost (use INVERNAVELO  horticultural fleece in cold weather). A weather that is freezing will kill cucumber. Therefore, do not plant the seed or even transplant outdoor early. You have to exercise patience until dangers of frost are over.
So, what happens when an unexpected frost occurs after the crop has been planted in the ground? If this occurs, then you have to protect cucumber with plastic covers or fabric. This material will ensure that the air around the plant does not freeze.

  • Plant where there is enough sun

The area you plant your cucumber plants should have enough sun. In fact, the location should have full sun. Do not forget that cucumber likes and grow well when the weather is warm. In fact, they prefer a lot of sunshine.

  • They need lots of water

When planting cucumbers, one thing you must consider first is water. Therefore, locate the plant where there is an adequate supply of water. The plant needs frequent deep watering in order to prevent the bitter taste.

Cucumber Trellis
In addition to using the support mesh in cases of cold weather, it is recommended to use the thermal blanket INVERNAVELO® to maintain the proper temperature.
  • Cucumber plants should grow on a trellis

After planting cucumbers, another important thing to consider is support. As they begin to grow, trellises or wire cages need to be used. The plant will climb the support or you can train them to climb in order for them to support their heavy fruits. It will save space and also make it easier for growers to locate ripe cucumbers. The fruits tend to hide on the plant’s leaves, and before you know it, they can either become overgrown or over ripe.

Horizontal trellis for cucumbers
Growing cucumbers on a horizontal trellis system makes selecting and harvesting fruits a lot easier.

Ideas for trellising cucumbers
The trellises used for cucumber plants can be made of these materials:

  • Wire fence
  • Wire tomato-cage
  • Wood lattice attached to stakes and
  • Teepee constructed with bamboo poles

Benefits of trellising cucumber plants

  • Easy harvesting
    Makes the plant healthier
  • Easier to find and pick the cucumbers
  • Help sustain the growing cucumbers high up the ground
cucumbers on a trellis
Healthy, well ventilated cucumber plants grown on a trellis will increase your crop yields thanks to HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting.

Planting cucumbers on a trellis is a very easy task but you must understand the basic steps to produce sweet and delicious cucumbers. Do not also forget the importance and benefits of trellises in cucumber gardening.

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