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Cucumber trellis netting will increase crop yields as it allows better phytosanitary conditions.

Cukes are natural climbers that grow healthier on a vertical trellis system.

The reason one should use a cucumber trellis when growing cucumbers, is because cukes, like most cucurbits, use climbing tendrils to climb upright towards the light source and by doing so they extend their branches vertically allowing better air circulation.  When you are able to increase air flow, you reduce mildew from accumulating on the leaves and this in turn will decrease the possibility of fungal attacks due to excessive humidity.
cucumbers on a trellis
Growing cucumbers is better when they trellis vertically allowing their tendril to attach to the netting support.

So using a trellis net like HORTOMALLAS® will increase your yields due to better phytosanitary conditions and to the well identified fact that by allowing plants to trellis naturally without manual training, one reduces plant stress (mechanical stress to be exact) which usually turns out to have negative consequences of about 8 to 10% in yields, as the plants need to concentrate their energies to rearranging leaf orientation towards the sun after one manually trellises the plant on a twine or stake.   Let us remember that plants are efficient organisms, they naturally maximize their photosynthetic functions and flowering, if we intervene mechanically each time there is a vegetable tutoring operation, we break that natural order and force the plant to reset itself instead of sending energies and lymph to the fruits that need to be filled.  Basically each manual operation we are delaying fruit production for about 3 to 4 days.


HORTOMALLAS® cucumber netting will prevent plants mismanagement due to mechanical stress or even mechanical transmission of pathogensa condition that is quite common in intensive cultivations as the hands of the workers become the silent vectors for the transmission of diseases from a sick plant to the rest of the healthy population during handling.

There are many benefits of cucumber trellis for you as a gardener and your plants. We will explore this advantages here. To make a proper trellising system for cucumbers, you may need the following items: 

  • Nails or deck screws (24)

  • A pack of broad Philips screws (75/pack)

  • 2” x 4” x 8” board (4)

  • A 100 foot of plastic clothesline

Cucumber grown with a trellis
Hortomallas´s best known product is the cucumber trellis netting, usually for most plantations a 1.5 meter high net is sufficient as the first 30 cm off from the ground do not need to be trellised as the cucumber plant can find its way up naturally using its tendrils to cling on to any sturdy structure.
 The instruments needed to prepare a cucumber may include the ones listed below:
Cucumber on trellises enhance your crops
Cucumber trellis enhance your crops thanks to better air and solar exposure. Uniform fruits and a longer lasting plant will be the byproduct of choosing to support the plant with netting.
  • A shovel or digger

  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

  • 24” or 48” level

  • A power saw with a sharp cutting blade

  • Philips head bit Screwdrivers or Cordless Drill

  • A helper!!!

In this article, you will learn a very easy and cheap method of making cucumber trellises within some hours.

Building a cucumber trellis is easy end economical!.

Before we continue, we have to know more in-depth details about espaliers. Posts for trellises usually have a total height of about 8 feet and 3″ in diameter. Only a length of 20 inches of the pole should be buried in the ground so as to produce a trellis between of 75 to 70 inches tall. The dimensions above can contain up to four cucumber plants comfortably; two cucumber plants at each side.

plastic trellis netting for cucumbers
HORTOMALLAS® cucumber trellis will last many growing seasons even when used outdoors.


  • You can easily prevent fungi and other harmful pathogens from destroying your cucumber plants by keeping the leaves dry. Why? Because the leaves are their target. So by simply watering the main stem of the plants, their leaves stay drier.  Plus cucumbers grown vertically will have better aeration and solar exposure, further decreasing any dew and humidity accumulation on the leaves.

  • beginning of the crop for a cucumber trellis
    This is how a cucumber trellising system should look like for a small scale orchard.

    It is much easier to harvest cucumber fruits that are cultivated on cucumber trellis than the ones grown om the ground. The reason for this is because the fine arrangements of this trellis allow the fruits when ripped to be suspended at eye level so you do not stress yourself looking high and low for the fruits. Apart from the cucumber fruits, the leaves and the thorny stems are well stacked so that you do not get scratched up easily. So you do not have to be worried anymore whenever you need to visit your garden or farm.

  • As a farmer or gardener, you must know that cucumber vines grown on the ground will always yield less product and a yellowish (poorly paid) cucumber fruits when compared to those grown on cucumber trellis..

  • Cukes grown on trellis have this attractive looks and also taste great better than those allowed just to spread on the ground.

  • Trellised cucumbers produces fruits that come out as neat as possible since they had no contact whatsoever with the ground.

  • Cucumbers that just rested on the ground are known not to have a uniform colour because no light spots where they rested on the ground.

  • Growing cucumbers on a trellis save you plenty of garden space on which you can decide to grow other vegetables. This is because on trellis you can choose to grow your cucumbers vertically or horizontally.

  • Cucumber trellis reduces the incidence of your plants from been attacked by some diseases like the powdery mildew which causes fruits to rot on the bottom. Trellising nets reduce the vulnerability of your cucumber plants to diseases.

  • Growing plants on trellis ensures that you harvest healthy and straight fruits.

Cucumber trellis netting
Cucumbers are natural climbers, and can be also grown on a horizontal trellis system (pergola) very profitably.

Conclusion: Commercial cucumbers growers know well the advantages of using a cucumber trellis netting like HORTOMALLAS®, as the plant will have greater flowering percentages, pollination will improve thanks to the better exposure to the sun and air, fruits will be larger and uniform in both size and color.  Sugar content will improve as leaves are better able to capture solar energy and transform it into Brix degrees.  Plus a plastic netting system will be much easier to install and store after use than a backyard system as described above.  HORTOMALLAS® lasts many years when used in a greenhouse, and 3 to 4 cycles when used outdoors in an open field, and can be used in a crop rotation calendar.

cucumber trellis with T posts
A cucumber trellising system made out of HORTOMALLAS® netting supported by T-posts.

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