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There are many benefits of Cucumber trellis for you as a gardener and your plants. We will explore this advantages here. To make a cucumber trellis, you may need the following items:

  • Nails or deck screws (24)

  • A pack of broad Philips screws (75/pack)

  • 2” x 4” x 8” board (4)

  • A 100 foot of plastic clothesline

 Cucumber trellis 

The instruments needed to prepare a cucumber may include the ones listed below:


  • A shovel or digger

  • Scissors

  • 24” or 48” level

  • A power saw with a sharp cutting blade

  • Philips head bit Screwdrivers or Cordless Drill

  • A helper

In this article, you will learn a very easy and cheap method of making cucumber trellis within some hours.

Before we continue, we have to know more in-depth details about trellis. Trellis usually have a total height of about 8 feet and 3 feet wide. Only a length of 20 inches of the trellis should be buried underneath the ground so as to produce a trellis of 76 inches tall or 6foot-4inches. The dimensions above can contain up to four cucumber plants comfortably; two cucumber plants at each side.

Cucumber trellis


  • You can easily prevent fungi and other deadly organisms from destroying your cucumber plants by keeping the leaves dry. Why? Because the leaves are their target. So by simply watering the main stem of the plants, their leaves become drier.

  • It is much easier to harvest cucumber fruits that are cultivated on cucumber trellis than the ones grown elsewhere. The reason for this is because the fine arrangements of this trellis allow the fruits when ripped to be suspended at a level close to the eye level so you don’t stress yourself looking high and low for them. Apart from the cucumber fruits, the leaves and the thorny stems are well stacked so that you don’t get scratched up easily. So you don’t have to be frightened anymore whenever you need to visit your garden or farm.

  • As a farmer or gardener, you must know that cucumber vines grown on the ground will always return low turn up of cucumber fruits when compared to those grown on cucumber trellis at the harvest.

  • Cucumbers grown on trellis have this attractive looks and also taste great better than those allowed just to spread on the ground.

  • Cucumber trellis produces cucumber fruits that come out as neat as possible since they had no contact whatsoever with the dirty ground.

  • Cucumbers that just rested on the ground are known not to have a uniform colour because no light spots where they rested on the ground.

  • Growing cucumbers on a trellis save you plenty of garden space on which you can decide to grow other vegetables. This is because on trellis you can choose to grow your cucumbers vertically or horizontally.

  • Cucumber trellis prevents your plants from been attacked by some diseases like the powdery mildew which causes fruits to rot on the bottom. Trellis reduces the vulnerability of your cucumber plants to diseases.

  • Growing your cucumber plants on trellis ensures that you harvest healthy and unbent fruits.

Cucumber trellis


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