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Cucumber Staking

It has been noticed that some level of advantages came with the regular farm practice of applying stakes to climbing vegetables and flowers, including cucumber. When you stake, you have relatively easy access to all the cucumber, there is also high productivity in the containers coupled with the fact that it does not give room to pets to damage the plants. So Cucumbers staking makes harvesting easier. Staking also allows equal sunlight and ventilation for all cucumbers. When you stake, you are simply helping the cucumber vines which always climbs up by nature to wrap itself around the sticks and grows up. It’s a better idea to put twines in between your Cucumber stakes so the entire crop does not touch the ground.

However, you need just these for the staking; 20-inch wooden stakes, heavy twine, scissor and pantyhose/ strips of cloth. With these materials around, then you can enjoy staking and make it profitable too.

Cucumber Stakes
Using the stakes for your crops get a many advantages came with the regular farm practice.

How to set up Cucumber Stakes

  • Locate a spot next to your cucumber crop and drill the 20-inch wooden stakes into the ground at about 6 inches or deeper.

  • In the placing, allow a space of 3 to 4 feet apart between the stakes.

  • You need to tie the twine now. Do it halfway up one stake and halfway up the other stake. Make sure it’s taut then tie it together.

  • Repeat same till the remaining stakes now have twine attached to them. With this, there is always support for your cucumber plants no matter the direction it plans going.

  • Get a second twine, tie it at the top and let the taut be stretched between stakes.

  • Let the main cucumber vine be tied with 8-inch pantyhose (soft enough not to destroy the stem) to the stake beside it. When the plants start to grow up, the tendrils will be wrapped around the stakes and twine naturally.

support to cucumber using espalier net and stakes
The way to install de stakes is very easy, however, it is necessary to be very careful when installing.

How to put up the Cucumber on the Stakes

Where you planted – greenhouse or a garden- will affect the arrangement of your cucumber stake.

For cucumbers growing in a greenhouse

  • Let there be an extension to the attic of the greenhouse roof of the vertical stake between each bag or pot.

  • Along the roof length, there should be horizontal wires or string.

  • The cucumber should grow up the stake and then along the wire or string, help them do so, and then as they grow, they will hang down.

cucumber crop using support method
Depending on the installation place, will affect the arrangement of your cucumber stake.

For cucumbers growing in the garden

  • Come between each cucumber plant and drill the vertical cucumber stake item into the ground.

  • At the top end of each stake, tie a horizontal wire. When the string starts growing, there will be no need to add more stakes.

  • Help the cucumber plants in growing up the stakes and also along the wire or string.

Tie each cucumber plant on each of the cucumber stakes as it grows.

Lastly, do pinch off all side shows, flowers and tendrils till the cucumber plant reaches the wire or string, this is to fasten the correct growth.

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