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Crop Cages.

Crop cages include the frame, netting, door, clips and other accessories. There are different kinds of netting and this will depend on the level of protection you need for your crops. If you want your cage to stop birds, you will require a wide mesh net like bird netting, but if you want to protect against smaller insects or butterflies you need to get a smaller mesh net. Apart from this, crop cages have other advantages. While some cages are supplied with the netting, other does not come with it.

Types of Crop Cages:

With regards to Crop Cages, there are three major types, including aluminum, steel and others which are mainly wood or cane based.

  • Aluminum

    Aluminum crop cages are cheaper to construct in comparison to other materials like steel, and comes with more advantages too. First of all, it is very lightweight and simple to carry around and construct. Also, aluminum cages do not rust, and this is a very big plus for environments where rain is always falling. The only disadvantage of aluminum cages is that they are not as strong as steel framed crop cages. This should not be a problem in most climes, but you want to use it in an area where strong winds are prevalent, you need to consider this.

    Aluminum crop cages
    The aluminium crops cages are very cheaper to contruct, besides comes with more advantages too in comparation with other materials.
  • Steel

    Steel crop cages are typically more costly than aluminum cages and come in lots of finishes, which determine how expensive they will be. If not embellished with proper coating, steel rusts readily rusts. Steel cages are also very heavy compared to aluminum, and this means that fixing it up is more difficult. On the other hand, steel framed crop cages are far stronger in comparison to other kinds of crop cages. This can be a very important deciding factor if you live in areas that are prone to strong winds.

    Steel crop cage
    Depending on the weight of the steel cage, determine how expensive they will be.
  • Wood

    Wood cages are the most expensive crop cages by a distance, even though they are not as strong as steel fruit cages. The other is disadvantage of timber cages is that they need more attention that the other types in other to keep them in good condition. On the other hand, the advantage of wood cages is that they appear very nice. However, if you need your garden to look good because of wood cages, ou should know that their sellers are few.

    Wood cage
    A advantage of the wood cages is that appaear very nice, however, they are not as strong as steel fruit cages.
  • Pop-up

    The Pop-up crop cages are a relatively innovative technology for keeping your crops away from birds and butterflies. They come in a light weight flat pack and will require just a few minutes to unload and put together. They have a very short life span n comparison to typical crop cages but is balanced by a lower initial cost, ease of assembling and the fact that you can move them around to take care of different crops at different times of the year.

Eventually, the type of crop cage you will choose will depend on your pocket, environment and needs.

Pop-up crop cage
The pop-up crops cages are relatively innovative, as it, can provide protection to your crops against the birds and butterflies.
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    Espallier Support Net for cucumber, tomatoes, etc (square 25x25cm) 1.5x1500m (60″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    MXN $4,384.60 MXN $4,021.09 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $3,779.82 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Cucumber Trellis Net (square 25x25cm) 2×1500m (80″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    MXN $5,759.35 MXN $5,281.87 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $4,964.96 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Trellis Netting for tutoring (square 25x25cm) 1×1500m (40″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    MXN $2,944.75 MXN $2,700.61 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $2,538.57 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Espalier Netting substitute of raffia on greenhouse (square 25x25cm) 3×1500m (120″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    MXN $10,394.27 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $9,770.61 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Tomato Net (square 25x25cm) 0.75×1500m (30″x4920′, 10″x10″)

    MXN $2,582.84 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $2,427.87 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)

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