Choosing a Trellis Support System in an Orchard For Climbers

Selecting the right structures and trellis for plants in your backyard.

trellis support with netting at its early stages of growth
Trellis support with netting at its early stages of growth. NOtice the metal structure that will hold the net in place.

If you are planting flowing or climbing plants, you can enhance your garden with vertical trellis support. Garden looks extremely beautiful when plants are standing upright. They add beauty to the backyard “farm” and make every corner look organized. However, providing support is not the only major thing to consider. Using the right trellis system is also very important.

Things you must consider when deciding on a trellis support system

Whatever supports you use, ensure they are sturdy – they should be much sturdier. The reason for this is more weight. When they plant starts fruiting, the structure may be supporting between 50 pounds or more. A sturdy support will help prevent thunderstorm from destroying heavily fruited plants. And if you are planting perennial vines, the support should be plastic coated or galvanized, treated wood or painted.
Also, decide if you want the supporting structure as well as the plant to just be a decorative feature in the garden or its job is basically to show off the plant. However, decorative plant supports can act as interesting focal points in gardens.
Lastly, choose the type of plant you intend to grow. If the plant is a climbing rose, then you need a different type of supporting structure than sweet peas. On the other hand, a cucumber or tomato needs a different support from pole beans.

trellis net in backyard planters
Many planters of a backyard used as trellis support for homegrown vegetables.

Vegetable Supporting choices to make

  • Trellis Arches

Arches that form a trellis can add some unique flair to any garden, irrespective of the season. But design, as well as placement is the most critical parts. Have some time in the garden alone, to determine what style or structure would match your housing and landscape. Arches are mostly made of wood and painted or stained to resist elements of weather or termites. You can also get plastic or steel versions.

cucumbers on a metal trellis netting
Metal rebar used as a trellis support arch for cucumbers.
  • Flat trellis

You need these kinds of trellises to provide a sense of privacy or define a space. These support structures can stand alone or anchored to a post or wall. They can also be located permanently or easy to move around if you want to check out different effects. Some examples are metal trellises, wood lattice panels, and those made with plastic netting mesh.

trellis net with meshes
Rudimentary trellis made with a recycled piece of welded concrete reinforcement mesh.
  • Tomato Cages and ladders

Vegetable supporting structures are basically long on function and also short in styles. The most important thing is that they are sturdy support structures, made of durable materials. They are easy to store up at the end of the season and tall enough for plants they are meant for.
Choose trellis support based on the plant and how they climb. With the right support, crops will perform well and make the gardening process much easier for you as the grower. So choose the right support today, but make sure it is sturdy to support the weight of the fruits and plant in general.

trellis netting with cages
Tomato cages used as support will last a long time but are a lot more expensive than trellis netting by HORTOMALLAS.

HORTOMALLAS trellis support netting is considered the best option among professional farmers as it is very economical and easy to install.  Trellis netting is re-usable for many cycles if used outdoors or can last many years if used in a shadehouse or greenhouse.  Trellis netting will reduce the incidence of pathogens attacking a crop because it reduces both mechanical stress and the mechanical contagion during cultural operations.  One can use crop rotation by taking advantage of the installation:  just cut and let dry the old plant and place the new nursery stock in the ground to let the plant climb over the net.

woven and knotted trellis nettting
Especially useful for one use only, a trellis support made out of knotted mesh can be an inexpensive one crop supporting system for the budget minded farmer.

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