Chicken Wire Yard Decorations as a Playground for an Endless Creativity

You Know Best What Chicken Wire Yard Decorations is the Right One

Yard Decoration Does Make a Difference

Yard decoration is what one yard differs from another. It proves that the owner takes care of it, has an aesthetic sense, and he opts to give the yard the identity. The market is overwhelmed with finished products of suspicious beauty and quality. If you don’t have the fortune to invest in the quality yard decoration, you can rely on your personal capacity to create something unique and wonderful. Chicken wire yard decorations become more and more popular for many reasons. It is affordable, it takes reasonable time and effort, and the result is astonishing whether you live in a rural or urban area. A nice garden will always catch one’s eye, and who knows, you might even compete for the best garden in your neighborhood. Garden always throws attention from the walkway to your home. Winter time is the time when your garden is peacefully waiting for the spring and the beginning of sowing and planting. Your trees and other plants look somehow empty without green leaves, and why not give them a shiny look for winter holidays. There are many ideas how you can use chicken wire yard decorations for Christmas festivity.

Chicken Wire Yard Decorations
It doesn’t take much money to decorate your garden with chicken wire and lots of creativity can create sculptures.

Christmas Light Balls

Garlands, balls and the variety of sculptures are only a few ideas what you can create out of the chicken wire. The best is that chicken wire yard decorations are easy to combine with lights. Number and size of the balls may vary depending on the size of your yard. If you have a large space at your disposal, don’t hesitate to make giant light balls and put them in that part of the yard where they will create the best effect. Illuminated spheres are a sparkling display that is very hard to resist. Although they look like you will need a plenty of time to create them, they are simple, and they don’t require much tools and supplies. Beside chicken wire, you will need for each sphere some equipment including wire cutters, zip ties and measuring tape. After you have cut chicken wire, round edges and fold it into the sphere shape. Add twinkle lights at the end and don’t forget the extension cord. Lights are available in one or in different colors. Every sphere can have its own color or you can create groups in preferred ones.

Christmas Light Balls
The chicken wire sculptures can be combined with lights and very bright balls are created

Chicken Wire Yard Decorations for Fence and Gate

Everyone loves decorated gates, and it is a great idea to welcome guests with chicken wire wreaths and garlands. Possibilities are endless. You can shape tubes and build a wreath out of them. Fill the inner space of the tube with pinecones and acorns, and attach Christmas balls, ribbons and ties on the outside. Chicken wire yard decorations on the fence add always to the appearance of your home. For this purpose, create wreaths of the bigger size and make some special arrangement for the yard gate if you have one. Deer jumping over fence is an attractive chicken wire sculpture that brings a lot of fun while being created. It seems like a complicated project, but it isn’t. Of course, it is necessary to have the right measurements for the wanted size and enough chicken wire of top quality. Chicken wire is very simple to handle. Twisting is easy, and you can create deer out of several elements. Take a special care to tighten them firmly so that deer resists heavier weather conditions.

Chicken wire Light Balls
The advantage of using chicken wire to make sculptures is that it is very easy to handle.

Trees of Light for the Pleasure of Your Family

If you have trees or other plants in the yard, chicken wire yard decorations can protect them from hungry animals that are searching in winter for any kind of food. However, deterring effect is not the primary function of a decoration. Trees are high and they should be decorated in accordance with their central place in the yard. For example, if you have apple trees you can make apple decoration out of the chicken wire, and attach it to the branches. Christmas light balls in various sizes will certainly make an impression, and you can combine them with other ornaments. Chicken wire gives a structure, lights transform decoration into a vivid Christmas assemble. Trees of light sway in the cold winter wind, and what you get from these movements is pure vibrant animation. This visual effect is convenient for every color theme. In addition to your Christmas orchard, you can enrich the yard with chicken wire Christmas tree. It would look nice outdoor, especially near evergreen trees. Mini lights look like the natural component of branches. The bright and shiny yard will make an impression on your neighbors, and more important, it will provide you, your family and friends with ultimate pleasure.

Shiny Christmas tree made of chicken wire
A Christmas tree made of chicken wire combined with lights gives a good look to your garden at night.

Ideas for Chicken Wire Outdoor Decoration

What else can you include in yard decorations for Christmas and other winter holidays? Every yard would be complemented with Santa Claus and Snowman. If there is no snow at the moment, don’t worry. It is easy to make a Snowman of chicken wire, just remember how you have made light balls. In this case, make three of them in different sizes and his head and body are already done. Then you can wrap him in whatever you want. Chicken wire yard decorations often comprise groups of animals. If placed by the lighted trees and bushes they recall nature and its diversity. The simplest chicken wire ornaments are snowflakes and star motifs. We usually see them on gates and doors but they would look great as ornaments on the lighted trees. Glittering and shining, they create a whole new arrangement, draw attention, and they welcome visitors. If you have enough decoration in the yard, stars and snowflakes look nice on windows too. One of the reasons why is great to make a decoration out of the chicken wire is that you know best what fits your home, and you just need to dare to express your creativity.

bright christmas tree
The simplest Christmas ornaments to make with chicken wire are Christmas flakes and stars.
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