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Chicken Wire Sculpture for Christmas Decoration, Jewelry and Plant Support

Use Chicken Wire to Transform Your House into a Home

Chicken wire sculpture is the expression that describes sculpture or jewelry made out of wire. People in Egypt, the great ancient nation used metal wire jewelry from the second dynasty. In Europe, history shows us that wire jewelry dates from Bronze and Iron Ages. In our century, the most famous wire artists are Ruth Asawa and Alexander Calder. Wire art sculpture is well-known in interior design too for it is versatile and accessible. If you want to make your home special, try to create something out of chicken wire. It is affordable and it can look extraordinary. Chicken wire frame ideas are great for the beginners. Create a frame not only for the purpose to fill an empty space on the wall but as an original background for your precious memories. Install the frame in the dining-room and your private space will become a favorite place for the whole family.

Popular Material

The chicken wire is one of the most often used materials. It is the base for paper clips, springs, and safety pins. There are many kinds of wire for different implementation but people keep finding new ways to use it. Jewelry makers and florists use it in everyday work while chicken wire sculptures are the main parts of the yard decorations. These sculptures are elegant, and they create a remarkable effect in your garden, especially if combined with light. For the holiday seasons, themed parties or as permanent outdoor decoration options are many. You can also paint the wire in any color you want. Just think if you prefer animals or geometrical shapes. Some chicken wire sculptures can serve as a support for plants.

Why to Decorate with Chicken Wire?

In the private sphere, chicken wire sculpture is usually applied for home indoor and outdoor decoration but in the public sphere, the whole towns and cities have been decorated for Christmas out of the chicken wire. Chicken wire ideas are suitable to decorate city parks and gardens. The material is not expensive, it is easy to use, but still, it creates a special effect wherever you put it. It is an excellent way to show the world your creative mood. If an artist is hiding inside you, you can craft it yourself. It is not at all complicated to work with it. For example, you can craft a dragonfly. It is beautiful, you can keep it outside all year long. Install it in the grass or near the pool and add some extra charm to your house. The best thing about working with chicken wire is that you do not need any special course. Anyone can work with it.

Hexagonal Chicken Wire
Creating frames with chicken wires are simpler than creating sculptures.

Other Interesting Hand-made Decorations

Women use wire jewelry very often to complete their look. Hand-made jewelry is unique, and it is often made of chicken wire. For more glamorous appearance, there are different stones or crystals attached. Besides women’s accessories, wire sculpture as a plant support is a creative and decorative solution for your garden. Shape and size depend on the type of the plant you grow. If you have made a new chicken wire sculpture for plants keep it in shade for five days because plants need time to adapt to their new home. After this period of time, you can move the sculpture to its permanent home.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It is one of the biggest holidays of the year. People try to be better, help other people in need. They buy presents and visit their family. You can see lights decorations everywhere. Maybe you never noticed, but usually, in town, you can see Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer. That gorgeous sculpture is a chicken wire sculpture. In the same way, you can transform your house into a magical home for Christmas. The newest trend is to use decorations from chicken wire, and you can act like trendsetter in your neighborhood. Sometimes, the impression the sculptures make is so astonishing that it is hard to realize that it was made of chicken mesh.

Christmas Tree from Chicken Wire

For Christmas decoration, you can use a Christmas wire tree, Christmas wire ball or you can create even Santa’s sleigh and the reindeer. If you put there some little lights, it will be magical. Place the different sized balls in the garden around and, in the evening it will look like a fairytale land. To create these sculptures is easy and you can work together with the members of your family or with the friends. There is nothing better than spending time together and making something great that will last as a memory after Christmas. Just be careful to provide the best quality chicken-wire before you start the process. Keep also in mind that you will need some special tools such as wire cutters, Christmas or fairy lights, and Christmas bauble ornaments.

Chicken Wire Sculpture
Hexagonal mesh can also be used as a wall to hang decorations.

Chicken Wire Completes Every Yard

Decorate your garden with lights, bows, garland to make it look beautiful. These are traditional decorations that you use every year. Why don’t you complete this list with chicken wire Christmas trees? They are elegant, and you can use any color you prefer. The best is that you can put them inside or outside. Maybe you decide for both. You can find chicken wire Christmas trees for sale, but with the minimum of time, you can make it yourself following the ambition to decorate your house in the unique and creative way. For home crafting, you will need the top quality chicken wire and some supplies that will help you achieve your goal. The technique remains the same for every animal, you just need to adapt size and proportions. Chicken wire sculpture is an innovative way to decorate your house and yard.

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