Chicken Wire Projects for Everyday and Holiday

Users’ Friendly Ideas for Chicken Wire Projects

Chicken Wire on Farms

Chicken wire belongs to most beloved materials people chose for making different things on their own. It has got a great reputation over time for its important role in the exterior and interior of our homes. Chicken wire projects for farmers and gardeners include the application on chicken run, especially on the top of it or as an additional protection to hardware cloth. Your birds will be protected from predators in the confined space, and you will be protected from losing your poultry. Such chicken wire poultry netting is inexpensive. Chicken coops are just the beginning since people use chicken wire for a variety of crafts. Chicken wire project that can deter deer, rabbits and small animals from your plantation is applicable around the trees, especially if you don’t have a fence. Chicken wire is a material you can wrap around single trees. A tree needs air so keeping the space of few inches between the bark and the wire is utmost important.

Chicken Wire Projects
Chicken wire is not only used to protect birds from predators, it can also be used to create decorations.

Useful Objects in Your Home

It is surprising in how many ways chicken wire can be used in our home not only for the decoration but also as a necessity in everyday life and operation. For example, chicken wire baskets DIY are very popular with people who enjoy something different. They look nice, decorative, and clean. Most important, it is one of the easiest chicken wire projects. Such baskets fit any space where we have paper waste. It could be our office, kitchen or children’s room as well. Especially in children’s room, it can be used to collect toys, balls or in the small size for keeping school supplies. In the kitchen, chicken wire fruit and vegetable holders can look great on your table. If you prefer cool fruits, you can hang the basket over the table or in some other place where the air is circulating. Such baskets are also great for keeping eggs. Candles are always popular when it comes to romantic dinners or family celebrations. Candle lanterns can also be made out of the chicken wire and jars in a few simple steps. They look decorative, and if you decide to make one of the bigger sizes, it could stand on the porch and bring gentle light to your garden. If you don’t like candles, the same piece could be used for collecting stones and seashells with an equal decorative impression.

Chicken Wire Home Decoration
The advantages of creating decorations with chicken wire is that it can be shaped in different ways creating ideal hoops for decorating doors.

Multitude of Unique Decorative Pieces

Decorating home is a real challenge, and chicken wire projects offer you various opportunities how to do it in a new and unique way that will not remind someone else’s home. It is a myth that it must be hard and complicated and the truth is – it isn’t. Besides top quality chicken wire, you just need inspiration, little time and patience, and some simple tools. Chicken wire decoration looks great in the home and in the garden. If you want to impress your neighborhood or please your family and friends, you have a chance. A breath of fresh air will enter your home with these aesthetically enjoyable pieces. If you have at home some old lamps you are starting to dislike for their worn appearance, it is a high time to renew them. Changing lampshade would do, and you can make a new one out of the chicken wire. To add some luxury, attach strings of pearls or crystals or ties and ribbons to the basic construction. The old annoying lamp will stand for chicken wire art at the end. Pendant lights are usually very expensive, and it is a great project to make it on your own. Shape chicken wire into a big ball and imagine how the light will look like surrounded by the metal wire from all sides. Party impression, isn’t it?

Chicken Wire Outdoor Decoration
The chicken wire is perfect to place on the wall and you can hang old photos, watches even vases of flowers.

Chicken Wire Projects for Indoor and Outdoor

People often grow flowers in their gardens. Why not make flower arrangements that differ from simple ‘put it in the vase’ model? The other way around cup of chicken wire with the fresh or dried flower is a perfect setting for your windows instead of the classic flower pots. As for them, you can put pots in the chicken wire basket for more attractive appearance. It is also suitable for walls. You can create a chicken wire wallboard. It is a perfect background for your old pictures, wall clock or even a vase with your garden flowers. Winter time is the holiday season. Christmas is inspirational in its own way, and decorating home and yard becomes chicken wire project to remember. Start with creating the centerpiece that will catch everybody’s eye. After you have created the specific shape, fill it with Christmas cards, dried fruits or whatever you prefer. You can also put chicken wire Christmas tree as a centerpiece and decorate it with ornaments. After you have decorated the interior move to the yard and let’s get to work. Animals of chicken wire are a hit since the material is so convenient for the shaping of any form. Even chickens can be made out of the chicken wire but it is better to leave the setting for Easter holiday.

Chicken Wire Indoor Decoration
The requirements to create decorations with chicken wire are: tools, patience and a lot of creativity.

Chicken wire projects for Christmas are what we are waiting the whole year. Finally, the specifics of our yard will meet matching decoration hundred percent in accordance with our wishes. The fence can be complemented with decorative hearts of chicken wire in one layer or in two with colorful stones or pine cones inside. Deer of chicken wire make a wonderful setting together with the Santa Claus, and Christmas tree can be huge if we have enough space to install them. Add special light to all of that, and the final result will be sparkling handmade Christmas yard everyone will notice and admire.

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