Chicken mesh: Uses and Benefits in protecting orchards

Why Gardeners should use Chicken Mesh

The use of chicken mesh has recently gained more popularity among gardeners.  After planting crops, the next thing is to protect them against possible attack from birds, insect pests, and others. Those who have tried it to protect their crops have been successful with the system. Chickens can cause damage to the roots and leaves of crops. They scratch the earth in search of food and end up exposing the roots of plants.
In addition to damaging the root of plants, chickens can also reduce the quality and value of your crops. For instance, they can feed on fruits, thus reducing the quality of the fruits. Many gardeners lose a large portion of their investment to chicken damage especially when they have a huge chicken population in their neighborhood. For such situation, using the mesh to protect crops from chicken attack is a wise option.

chicken net used for protect plants
The use of network for chickens provides a strong protection without causing damage to animals or plants.

Newly planted crops also suffer from the chicken attack. It feeds on the plant leaves thereby reducing its photosynthetic capacity. Crops like this don’t perform well. They become stunted or poorly developed. Gardeners also need to protect these young plants in the garden. They can place the wire around the crop to protect them from possible attack.
These plant cages can be used temporarily to protect plants. They are also a great idea if you would like to give your chickens more opportunity to free-range in your garden. Once your crops have been planted newly, you can place the chicken mesh on the area of crops newly planted, over tender seedlings as well as green and ripened fruits that can tempt the birds to attack. This will create more opportunity for the chickens to free range the rest of your garden without ruining your crops.  Gardeners should also think of placing the chicken mesh over areas newly mulched. This will prevent the chickens from scattering the mesh.

chicken net for poultries
With the net you can create a good place to grow your crops.

Advice for gardeners on mesh usage

Gardeners must find out about the possible predators in an area before thinking of cultivating crops. This will help them to make the right plans on how to protect crops from possible attack.  Bird attack on crops is rampant in some areas with high concentration of birds.
The chicken mesh allows crops to grow in a healthy state protected from bird attack. Crops grow in healthy state and the gardener can achieve better yield.
Most gardeners consider installing the mesh as a tedious task. But looking at the damage birds do to crops, one cannot help but consider using the wire protection to secure crops from possible attack from birds.
When using poultry wire mesh to protect crops against chicken attack, gardeners also need to make sure the wire netting is properly installed. This is to ensure that the plastic netting does not get removed when pushed by chickens.
Crop protection is always the best option to effectively cultivate crops that may suffer possible attacks from birds. This will save the gardener from losing a large portion of his or her investment and to grow crops effectively.

chickenmalla installed on garden
There are many types of meshes that provide the ideal protection to protect your crops.
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