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Using tendrils function in your favor eases the tutoring process. Tendrils are structures that plants use to hold themselves to anything that meets its way by, in most cases, rolling around it. These structures also help them to grow higher than others plants with which they compete for better sun light or better growth conditions. […]


Stakes for plants have been replaced by modern and easier supporting methods It is known that stakes for plants are essential when to obtain the best possible yields results is about. Climbing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and beans grow spreading horizontally on the ground, which complicates harvesting, fumigation and other labor tasks.  Plant staking […]

Did you know that you can espalier with an espalier netting? The netting helps you make your house walls and gardens come alive by tutoring shrubs and trees against your walls or other flat places. An age-long practice in agriculture and horticulture, espalier can be used on your house walls and garden. Horticultural netting suffices […]

Choosing a Trellis Support System in an Orchard For Climbers

Selecting the right structures and trellis for plants in your backyard. If you are planting flowing or climbing plants, you can enhance your garden with vertical trellis support. Garden looks extremely beautiful when plants are standing upright. They add beauty to the backyard “farm” and make every corner look organized. However, providing support is not […]

Challenges of Growing Climbing Vegetables

For vegetable farmers and for everyone who has knowledge about growing vegetables, you will easily agree that it is a known fact that lots of vegetables like to climb up nettings or poles while growing. Examples of such vegetables are tomatoes, peas, beans, melons and squashes. If you let them grow without any control, they […]

Why Vegetable Espalier Is The Best Practice

Why Vegetable espalier is essential Espaliering simply means to train a crop to grow against a flat surface. This technique has been used in France for many centuries with trees such as pear and apples. For tree crops, this technique allows growers to grow more crops in a small space. It also increases yield and […]