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Trellising Plants – The Importance And Advantages

Trellising plants – Things Gardeners should know Trellising plants is an old garden technique adopted by many farmers. It does not only keep crops off the ground but increase usable space as well as yield. Crops like tomatoes benefit when trellis is used in the garden. It will prevent fruit rotting which results when fruits […]

Supporting Vegetable Orchards with Plant Netting Mesh

 Why plant netting is a must-have in your commercial horticulture operation Plant net mesh is very popular gardeners or commercial bean and cucumber farmers who use it in several ways. This is because there are certain varieties of crops that require plant netting in order to thrive very well. Plant netting plastic mesh helps  provide […]

Net for Plants

There are certain varieties of plants that require netting in order to grow and yield very well. Net for Plants helps to provide more space in a farm and thus helps to improve growth and may even increase yield at harvest time. Furthermore, net for plants helps to lift plants from the ground thus reducing […]

Tomato training as a way to increase crop yields.

Trellis netting is used for tomato training to reduce pathogens and fill the fruits more than with raffia twine. The importance of tomato training is as good as the planting itself. This is because an untrained tomato plant is likely not to survive the perils of growing into the production stage. It is necessary to […]


Water stress in Solanceae reduces profitability Horticultural support netting creates the right conditions to enable water stress to be reduced on crops of serrano pepper chilies (capisicum annuum L.). During its development stages when the plant finds water available, it readily absorbs it through its roots (a recurring topic of interest for those who work […]

HORTOCLIPS tutoring rings together with HORTOMALLAS support netting provide the complete tutoring solution for vegetable crops.

The tutoring rings can be used together with support netting and clips to tutor plants. The importance of having a good tutoring system for vegetable crops based around HORTOMALLAS support netting and HORTOCLIPS tutoring rings is clear: an upright plant separated from soil moisture grows free from the amount of plant pathogens that affect untutored […]