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Make the most out of your vegetables using the proper trellises Trellises and cages are common plant supports used in vegetable gardens. Many varieties of peas and beans need something to climb, and vine crops such as squash, melons, and […]

Let us help you chose among the many types of trellises available There are several different types of trellises and trellis netting styles the home gardener can choose from. Trellises are available in the traditional gate style designs most often […]

Pumpkin vines grow well on a HORTOMALLAS® trellis nets. Growing pumpkin on trellises frees-up garden space for other plants. The sprawling vines of the average pumpkin plant can cut the festive autumn vegetable from many garden plans. A wood or […]

Ready to grow your next trained crop using trellis crop netting! One of the easiest ways to grow rambling or vining plants is to train them up trellises or supports like crop netting. In a small garden, growing things upwards […]

Growing Vegetables Profitably with Vertical Crop Netting You can improve yield, grow bigger vegetables, and make more efficient use of growing space through using vertical  crop netting also known as trellis net in your gardening or farm. Gardeners have invented […]

Should I use trellising net on my vegetable crops? Here´s a series of questions and answers on trellising net, we hope this may be useful for your vegetable support decision. Question: So I am already planning out my vegetable garden […]

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