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HORTOMALLAS, the lowest price of SCROG and SOG netting. Economical method to save space and time in medical plant cultivations. HORTOMALLAS offers the lowest price of SCROG and SOG netting. SCROG and SOG netting improve the growth of medical plants indoors and outdoors. There are several harassing elements that generally affect medical plants such as […]

Net for Plants

There are certain varieties of plants that require netting in order to grow and yield very well. Net for Plants helps to provide more space in a farm and thus helps to improve growth and may even increase yield at harvest time. Furthermore, net for plants helps to lift plants from the ground thus reducing […]

Cultivation technique applying Sog Netting as plant support.

There are two popular methods of growing hemp: the first one is called SOG – sea of green – and uses Sog Netting as a mean of support. The second one is called SCROG – screen of green – and uses Scrog Netting to guide the plants. Herein we will talk about the SOG method. […]

SOG Net Support: keep your plants in place and get a better production.

SOG Net Support provides a mean to hold the plants and to keep them in place in the SOG Technique. To maximize the maintenance cost and the available space, you can adopt the Sea of Green, “SOG,” method of growing hemp. SOG accelerates the plant development and flowering. In fact after few weeks you could […]

Sea-of-Green Support in SOG method

Sea-of-Green Support The Sea-of-Green Support is effectively used as part of the Sea-of-green method in cultivating hemp. The objective of the technique of Sea-of-Green – also called SOG – is to obtain the maximum harvest of flowers in the shortest time. To achieve this result, the growth of plants is forcely limited. Reducing its vegetative […]

Double your yield with the Screen-of-green support netting!

This is why you need MallaJuana SCROG net to support quality buds. The SCROG or Screen-of-Green support aims to produce fewer plants, but with a bigger and more uniform canopy. Thanks to the Screen-of-Green support net more branches get the right amount of light even within a limited cultivation area. Scrog method is especially used […]