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Stakes for plants have been replaced by modern and easier supporting methods It is known that stakes for plants are essential when to obtain the best possible yields results is about. Climbing plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and beans grow spreading horizontally on the ground, which complicates harvesting, fumigation and other labor tasks.  Plant staking […]

Care for Your Garden by Protecting It with Plant Netting

There are many kinds of plant netting to protect your orchards, discover here which one is for you! Do you desire to protect your garden from harmful birds and insects? You should use plant netting if this is what you want. Since the garden is an attraction site for birds and insects that damage crops […]

How to make your own customized grow net for your orchand.

What is Grow Net and how it will improve your crop yields? Grow net is an equipment which gardeners make use of in supporting their plants and helping the plants to stand upright. It comprises of a ten  by ten inches square and can be bought in various sizes. This netting at the end stretches and […]

Pea Netting as Support for Growing Peas

Pea netting support as a way to improve phytosanitary conditions in pea crops. Pea netting is a plastic plant support netting mesh that allows climbing plants, crops and vegetables to have support while growing.This plant support method has increasing grown in popularity and usage since its inception in the 1960s, in the Europe when a […]

Supporting Vegetable Orchards with Plant Netting Mesh

 Why plant netting is a must-have in your commercial horticulture operation Plant net mesh is very popular gardeners or commercial bean and cucumber farmers who use it in several ways. This is because there are certain varieties of crops that require plant netting in order to thrive very well. Plant netting plastic mesh helps  provide […]