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Bird Netting Offers Lasting Protection against Birds and Bats

The use of Bird Netting in Agriculture and Urban Settings. Types of Bird Control Nets and Their Purpose Bird netting has been applied in public and the private sector in rural and urban areas. Basically, it is a simple technique of stretching the net over certain surfaces to protect them from bird pest. The variety […]

Prevent Pest Birds by Using Pigeon Netting in Your Garden

Pigeon control nets are very useful in urban and industrial areas as a barrier against these pests. Pigeon netting is a vital resource for gardeners to defend their crops against pest birds. Pigeons and birds pose serious concerns to gardeners and property owners. Much more effective than other physical bird repellents, this netting has become widely […]

Pigeon Control System to Maintain Good Health, Garden and Real Estate Property

Installing a pigeon control net is the most cost effective method to keep these pests at bay. Without pigeon control, your property and health can be a mess if your home is within an area where pigeons flock. Pigeons are pesky and dirty. They take some form of diseases around them wherever they go and […]

Reasons to use Anti bird netting: Solves the Threat of Flying Pests

5 benefits of using anti bird netting Long-term Protection with bird control netting Gardeners who are cultivating fruits, vegetables and other garden crops birds feed on must prepare for possible attack. Birds come in their numbers to attack crops and end up causing significant damage to these crops. Gardeners cultivating crops in areas under heavy […]

Reasons to Use Anti pigeon netting in a urban setting. If you are cultivating crops in an area faced with high bird attack on crops, then the permanent solution to the infestation of these pest birds is to install anti pigeon net. The net is very important to gardeners who want to keep pest birds […]

Why using Pigeon Barrier is the best option Plant protection is very important to every farmer whether the crop is grown on a large scale or otherwise. Gardeners who grow crops normally attacked by birds need to be prepared before the crops reach the stage where birds feed on them. Pigeon barrier helps to prevent […]