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Hydroponic tomato growing involves relying on technology to groom tomatoes. Away from the soil, tomatoes are grown in nutrient solution where they are curated. Understanding the Basic Concerning Hydroponic Tomato Growing Hydroponic tomato growing attracts much more funds and labour than the traditional type. Gardeners use this system to plant tomatoes adopting numerous methods. Three […]

Did you know that you can espalier with an espalier netting? The netting helps you make your house walls and gardens come alive by tutoring shrubs and trees against your walls or other flat places. An age-long practice in agriculture and horticulture, espalier can be used on your house walls and garden. Horticultural netting suffices […]

Options available for your Row Cover for vegetables

Horticultural floating row cover is the perfect aid for farmers needing to anticipate harvests Row cover is also known as garden fabric or floating row cover and is a good inclusion to the tools of any gardener. It can be used in diverse ways, such as: Ensure the plant and soil is protected from overheating […]

The benefit of using a frost blanket go beyond winter crops

INVERNAVELO is the perfect frost cover blanket that will protect your vegetables from insects, maintain humidity, heat and allow you to harvest earlier than other growers. It is a normal practice to shield tender plants. From the use of boxes and old baskets to curtains and bedsheets, shad-cloth, and burlap, plastic and vinyl. One product […]

Protecting your tomatoes against cold night with INVERNAVELO frost protection blanket.

Horticultural fleece used on tomatoes will allow you an early harvest. Tomatoes do not have the capacity of withstanding frost unless they are grown in the proper microclimate. There are different frost protection blanket to use in safeguarding young plants during spring and mature ones during the fall. If you plan properly, you can be […]

Horticultural Espalier – Benefits And Ideas

Reasons to try Horticultural espalier Horticultural espalier started a long time ago. It is an ancient horticultural practice that involves pruning and training of trees or shrubs to grow flat against a support. This usually creates a living sculpture. In the past, espaliering was a horticultural practice use to create outdoor walls in places like […]