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The advantages of building a shade house with OBAMALLA, instead of building a greenhouse.

The cost per square meter of the shade house is 1/10 of the cost of a closed system.  The idea of cultivating vegetables under a shade house originally comes from the need to take advantage of agricultural land in arid and semi-arid desert climates (such as Baja California, Almeria and Morocco), areas where phytosanitary conditions […]

Benefits that vegetable trellis bring to crops

Crop support with vegetable trellis  Let’s enlist the benefits that vegetable trellises (or tutors) bring to cucumber or tomato crops. We will specifically analyze cucumber cultivation (Cucumis sativus) because of the great importance that it has in the market because it is one of the crops that use this tutoring system the most.  I will […]

Why We Require Support For Horticulture

Support for horticulture – Reasons to use support and netting Support for horticulture is the best agronomic practice every gardener should adopt. The major reason for cultivation crops is to have a bumper harvest and reduce pest and diseases as much as possible. The use of support for plants is very vital. You might overlook […]

Horticultural Espalier – Benefits And Ideas

Reasons to try Horticultural espalier Horticultural espalier started a long time ago. It is an ancient horticultural practice that involves pruning and training of trees or shrubs to grow flat against a support. This usually creates a living sculpture. In the past, espaliering was a horticultural practice use to create outdoor walls in places like […]

Importance of Training hops in a commercial or home orchard.

Why tutoring hops upwards is important Training is one important management practice growers should not neglect. Without it, there would be no harvest. The meaning of this is that crops that require support from a tender age will not yield well if the right support is not provided. That is why trained crops tend to […]

High Wire Cucumber.

High wire cucumber offers greater room for growth with regards to the cultivation of cucumber that has stagnated with conventional cultivation techniques. Presently, the number has grown from 180 to an average of about 210 pieces, while there are companies that are already hitting 225 pieces per m². Sill, a few companies are targeting about […]