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Enticing cucumbers trellis with the TRICOLOR mesh has just become even more economical and efficient!

Real case of an Agricola in Jalisco: HORTOMALLAS is much easier and faster than the method of supporting vegetables with raffia and cotton yarn.  in the Altos de Jalisco, Mexico. The cultivator Carrillo managed to plant 4 cycles of pickle cucumber. Nunhems Jackson followed on a surface of 12 hectares, using a distance between rows […]

CHICKENMALLA Chicken Wire withstands moisture and exposure to acids.

Protecting chicken houses is easier now with CHICKENMALLA chicken wire. The components of poultry houses (chickens or turkeys) including chicken wire are subject to the corrosiveness of poultry manure and moisture in the air, inside or outside of the poultry houses.  The side openings need continuous air flow during the day in order to control […]

Nopal crop in Greenhouses and Microtunnels

Ideal microclimate with INVERNAVELO thermal blanket, anti-insect and anti-frost The Nopal crop in Greenhouse allows for the optimal growth of plants and fruits. The nopal, Opuntia ficus, is an arborescent cactus, original from Mexico, widely cultivated in all tropical countries and in tempered zones, including the Mediterranean basin. The fruits of the prickly pear are […]

Growing Cucumbers: a cucumber trellis and how to train cucumbers to it

Cucumbers make the use of a cucumber support obligatory.  When the fruit touches the soil, a white area forms at the point of contact that  decreases its commercial value.  When they will be harvested for pickling, a cucumber trellis is optional.  In the United States cucumbers for pickling are grown on the ground in order […]

There are many types of trellis available for supporting vegetable and flower crops.  Let’s see which is the appropriate one. We are now convinced about the financial benefits that come from reducing physical contact with plants and of the phytosanitary benefits associated with decreasing the number of phytopathogens, all results of trellising the crop, and […]