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Protecting crops with agricultural fleece

At HORTOMALLAS we provide agricultural fleece for all types of outdoor and greenhouse applications.  Our horticultural fabrics come with the guarantee of being fabricated from high-quality, UV-treated polyethylene. We offer different designs and weaves to meet all market demands.   There are fabrics for controlling elements of nature:  shade cloth, windbreaks, bird control, frost blankets, […]

Horticultural Shade Cloth

Application of horticultural shade cloth in agriculture:  innovative and sustainable technology Especially in semiarid climates, where water is scarce and temperatures can be very high, some crops can show developmental problems.  With the objective of reducing the consumption of water and maintaining appropriate temperatures, horticultural shade cloth technology has been developed. Drought Stress Drought stress […]

Greenhouse Plant Covers

A great variety of supplies are available for adapting greenhouses to particular needs.  There are a number of different options in regards to the category of plant covers for greenhouses.  Generally speaking, this category can be divided into plant blankets, insect barriers, and shade net.   Plant blankets are probably the most useful tool available […]


Benefits of colored shade net for agriculture Colored shade net is a great secret ally for growing produce.  Higher plants respond to the amount, quality, direction, and frequency of light.  There are a number of photoreceptors in plants.  Among them can be found chlorophyll, phytochrome, cryptochrome, phototropins, and photoreceptors that react to green light.1 Light, […]

Say good-bye to weeds

Groundcover Textile: the solution against weeds Do you want to start a crop but the weeds do not stop growing? Have you resorted to the use of herbicides but have noticed that they do not completely solve the problem? As the saying goes “weeds do not die” and there is a lot of truth in […]