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How Many Times can HORTOMALLAS, crop support netting, be re-used?

This is is an example of a VERY profitable crop using HORTOMALLAS crop support netting many times over! In these pictures you can see pole beans almost ready to be harvested, this is the second crop grown in the same furrow, using the same mulch, irrigation, trellis net and posts.  The previous crop  (as you […]

Gardening Techniques like Vertical Trellis Netting for Maximum Returns

HORTOMALLAS Vertical Trellis Systems increases crop yields as it reduces pathogens Whether your garden is large or small, you can make better use of every square inch by using vertical trellis netting gardening techniques to grow upright crops for a maximum return of your time and money. Pole beans typically produce twice as many beans […]

Comparative Cost of Teepee-Trellised vs. Non-Trellised Cucumber Production in American Samoa

This study was conducted to compare yields and to determine the cost of producing teepee-trellised and non-trellised cucumber in American Samoa. Delight Green (Known You Seed Co. Ltd), a cultivar identified as a high producer in a cucumber evaluation trial conducted in the 1990, was the cultivar selected. The break even prices for teepee-trellised and […]

Grow Squash, Cucumbers and Melons Vertically with vegetable support netting.

Vegetable support netting by HORTOMALLAS helps reduce diseases by growing vegetables vertically If you are planning to plant cucumbers, melons, or squash in your vegetable garden this year, think vertically, think vegetable support netting! The main thing you want avoid are any varieties that are labeled or marked “Bush Variety” because those won’t climb properly. […]

How to Grow your Pumpkin on Trellises using Netting

Pumpkin vines grow well on a HORTOMALLAS trellis nets. Growing pumpkin on trellises frees-up garden space for other plants. The sprawling vines of the average pumpkin plant can cut the festive autumn vegetable from many garden plans. A wood or bamboo trellis with plastic or cotton netting can solve garden space problems by raising the […]

Vertical Crop Netting: Gardening Technique for Maximum Returns

Growing Vegetables Profitably with Vertical Crop Netting You can improve yield, grow bigger vegetables, and make more efficient use of growing space through using vertical  crop netting also known as trellis net in your gardening or farm. Gardeners have invented or adapted a variety of implements to facilitate vertical gardening. Clockwise from top left: Rigid […]