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Crop rotation with vegetable support netting. How many times can I reuse Hortomallas?

Make the most of your field investments with crop rotation Reusing HORTOMALLAS trellis netting in a crop rotation system with fixed vegetable support is an example of a practical way of utilizing tutor netting with the other placed structures in the field, since this trellis netting can be used many times with alternating harvests. There […]

Common diseases in cucumber crops.

The use of trellis netting in the staking and support phase reduces diseases in cucumber The cultivation of cucumber is an important part of the agricultural sector, so preventing diseases in cucumber plants is a key factor for the crop success.. Its value is reflected economically due to its high demand. This crop can be […]

Disease caused by phytopathogenic fungi in the cultivation of cucumbers

The prevention of crop loss due to fungi in the production of cucumbers by applying a staking system. Cucumber is considered a vegetables of great importance, but is easily attacked by fungi. Cucumber is important to the agronomic industry not only because of it’s high demand in the food and cosmetics industry, but also on […]

Feasibility of Trellised Cucumber Production using HORTOMALLAS netting

 Trellising with a netting like HORTOMALLAS guarantees great production results as compared to non trellised cucumber crops. Trellising was evaluated for its effects on yields of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) cultivars Dasher II, Marketmore 76, and PetoTripleMech at Lane and Wilbutton, Okla. Trellising improved total and marketable yield at both locations compared with ground culture. […]

How Many Times can HORTOMALLAS, crop support netting, be re-used?

This is is an example of a VERY profitable crop using HORTOMALLAS crop support netting many times over! In these pictures you can see pole beans almost ready to be harvested, this is the second crop grown in the same furrow, using the same mulch, irrigation, trellis net and posts.  The previous crop  (as you […]

Gardening Techniques like Vertical Trellis Netting for Maximum Returns

HORTOMALLAS Vertical Trellis Systems increases crop yields as it reduces pathogens Whether your garden is large or small, you can make better use of every square inch by using vertical trellis netting gardening techniques to grow upright crops for a maximum return of your time and money. Pole beans typically produce twice as many beans […]