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Grazing Chickens (Mob Grazing)

  The art of grass farming is quickly gaining global respect.  A ‘grass roots’ movement in the purest form, intensive pasture management tantalizes us with its broader possibilities.  From carbon sequestration and increased rainfall retention, to accelerated nutrient capture, grass farming is increasingly upheld as a shining light of sustainable agriculture.  At long last, we’re […]

Save Money and Grow Healthy Plants with Chicken Wire Trellis

Experience Fun and Easy Gardening with Chicken Wire Trellis Chicken wire is basically used to confine poultry animals like chickens, geese and smaller birds. It is also called as poultry netting. The material is flexible, thin galvanized wire (made of steel) and created into a mesh (with hexagonal holes). If you are going to buy […]

Avian Flu

Often called avian flu but also known as avian influenza, this disease is an infection caused by avian influenza A virus. The virus occurs naturally in most birds around the world and can infect not only other birds, but also other animals and even humans. This disease can be spread through saliva, nasal secretions, faeces […]

GUACAMALLA nylon mesh works as a great protection from birds

Keep your harvest safe with this simple but effective method of protection from birds There are a lot of ways to protect your fruit trees from being eaten by birds. Many methods of protection from birds out there ensure they eradicate the problem without hurting these animals, but actually they may be effective just in […]


Chicken mesh is a collective term for different net structures used in fencing. These meshes are usually made of metals, but are also made of other materials. The outstanding feature however, is the evenly spaced hexagonal or rectangular shaped openings. Chicken mesh is widely used, but not only in poultry keeping. Many people are beginning […]

Bird Barrier are An Effective way to Deter Pest Birds

Bird Barriers: Uses and Advantages in Agriculture and Urban Settings. Many damages on buildings and fruits can be related to the activities of birds and the lack of an effective bird barrier. Their presence may not be a problem but birds hardly stay on one spot without defecating. The feces or droppings of birds are […]