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Veterinary medicine students, faculty of agricultural sciences, Antioquia University, Medellin, Colombia. March 2012. Summary. In recent years, extensive animal farming systems have been implemented, in this case egg production from grassland birds, which has given rise to a lot of unease among farmers as to whether these systems are financially viable or not. For that […]

Aviary Mesh. Netting, the right option for aviary control.

Aviary mesh: plastic netting versus metal net. CHICKENMALLA aviary mesh is the most effective method to keep birds away from the areas you want to protect. It is as strong as steel mesh but more economical than metal mesh. In fact it is manufactured from high density extruded polypropylene, through a process of bi-axially orientation. […]

The aviary mesh is the right solution to reduce damages caused by birds.

The aviary mesh acts as a physical barrier to block the access of birds to protected areas. The aviary mesh is one of the most suitable methods for bird protection because it fulfills the job and it is harmless to birds. The aviary mesh helps to control the access of birds to inappropriate places. The […]