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How can I make use of chicken wire in paper mache? Using chicken wire in paper mache is just another way that this material shows us its incredible versatility. Chicken wire is a great option for use around the farm, the home and industrial settings. Other uses include deer fencing, stucco netting, tree and shrub […]

Artistic possibilities with chicken wire art Chicken wire art is a great representation of the diversified uses of chicken wire. In a world where sustainability is of key importance, it brings a little bit of peace, knowing that we have products of such impressive levels of versatility available to us. The artistic use of chicken […]

Save Money and Grow Healthy Plants with Chicken Wire Trellis

Experience Fun and Easy Gardening with Chicken Wire Trellis Chicken wire is basically used to confine poultry animals like chickens, geese and smaller birds. It is also called as poultry netting. The material is flexible, thin galvanized wire (made of steel) and created into a mesh (with hexagonal holes). If you are going to buy […]

Users’ Friendly Ideas for Chicken Wire Projects Chicken Wire on Farms Chicken wire belongs to most beloved materials people chose for making different things on their own. It has got a great reputation over time for its important role in the exterior and interior of our homes. Chicken wire projects for farmers and gardeners include […]

You Know Best What Chicken Wire Yard Decorations is the Right One Yard Decoration Does Make a Difference Yard decoration is what one yard differs from another. It proves that the owner takes care of it, has an aesthetic sense, and he opts to give the yard the identity. The market is overwhelmed with finished […]

Chicken Wire Sculpture for Christmas Decoration, Jewelry and Plant Support

Use Chicken Wire to Transform Your House into a Home Chicken wire sculpture is the expression that describes sculpture or jewelry made out of wire. People in Egypt, the great ancient nation used metal wire jewelry from the second dynasty. In Europe, history shows us that wire jewelry dates from Bronze and Iron Ages. In […]