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Decorative ideas Using Chicken Wire for Christmas Tree We have all forgotten the precise origins of Christmas trees to the mists of time. Why would we want to do something different and use chicken wire for Christmas tree instead of a freshly felled pine tree? It may have been the challenge of getting a tree […]

When it comes to your poultry netting materials you have to choose the best quality CHICKENMALLA poultry netting consists of a rectangular high quality plastic mesh ideal for keeping not only your fowl, but also another kind of livestock such as sheep and goats. Poultry netting, besides being used on a widespread range of commercial […]

Are you looking for the best price of the chicken netting? Save money with CHICKENMALLA

A short list of advantages of using plastic chicken netting. If you are looking for the best price for the chicken netting, aviary or rabbit hutch you will find it here. CHICKENMALLA, an inexpensive plastic mesh for fencing or cages for chickens, chicks, rabbits, small livestock and domestic animals. It is also used successfully to […]


Chicken wire is a wire mesh made of weaved steel that is used commonly as fence in poultry coop. although there are other kinds of chicken meshes and ones of even better quality, chicken wire is quite common. It is made of thin and flexible steel wire that makes it easy to work. In addition, […]


Hexagonal mesh netting are used in poultry houses. Chicken net is made of weaved wire steel with openings, many times it is known as hexagonal netting.  Some of these wire meshes have rectangular, and diamond shaped openings as in chain link fences. But it is quite common to see wire meshes with hexagonal netting. Wire meshes […]

Why Gardeners should use Chicken Mesh The use of chicken mesh has recently gained more popularity among gardeners.  After planting crops, the next thing is to protect them against possible attack from birds, insect pests, and others. Those who have tried it to protect their crops have been successful with the system. Chickens can cause […]