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Yield, nutritional quality, and profitability of green beans grown on a trellis using bean netting

Trellising with bean netting advisable for green beans, chickpeas, and peas In this article we deal with the advantages of yield, profitability, and quality when using trellis bean netting (and not twine) for crops of green beans and chickpeas. Abstract One of the strategies for raising yields and nutritional quality in agricultural regions is that […]

Long bean netting is the single most widespread plant life, eaten and cultivated inside USA, Mexico and also the world seeing that they provide excessive necessary protein material at a low cost to the consumer.  Long bean netting crops will be in the same way called grain, for example, corn, and so are cultivated using trellis […]

Crop netting is a versatile and economical solution for supporting some of the most productive vegetables. Especially vertical cultivation improves the optimal development of plants, maximizing the exposition to light, and improving aeration into the mass of foliage. At the same time crop netting helps to save space and time. HORTOMALLAS Crop netting is strong […]


Save space, money and time by using plastic trellis for beans It is known that pole beans produce much longer vines than bush ones and this is why they are much more preferred by gardeners and agronomists, because longer vines equals larger production. Nevertheless, pole beans require more cares than bushes, since they are very […]

3 Bean Support Ideas

Bean support – Ideas for Gardeners If you are growing bean plants, you cannot neglect the effects bean support has on the crop total output. Providing vertical supports for climbing bean plants most especially pole beans is very essential. It is essential if you want to increase yield and manage the garden without much plant […]

Pea Netting as Support for Growing Peas

Pea netting support as a way to improve phytosanitary conditions in pea crops. Pea netting is a plastic plant support netting mesh that allows climbing plants, crops and vegetables to have support while growing.This plant support method has increasing grown in popularity and usage since its inception in the 1960s, in the Europe when a […]