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Plastic Aviary Netting Is of the High-Quality and Endurance Aviaries are Modern Enclosures to Grow and Protect Poultry or Crop How many times have we visited the Zoological Garden enjoying watching the birds and thinking of how was their life in the aviary? Aviary is not a classical cage. It is a large limited space […]


When it comes to your poultry netting materials you have to choose the best quality CHICKENMALLA poultry netting consists of a rectangular high quality plastic mesh ideal for keeping not only your fowl, but also another kind of livestock such as sheep and goats. Poultry netting, besides being used on a widespread range of commercial […]

Prevent Pest Birds by Using Pigeon Netting in Your Garden

Pigeon control nets are very useful in urban and industrial areas as a barrier against these pests. Pigeon netting is a vital resource for gardeners to defend their crops against pest birds. Pigeons and birds pose serious concerns to gardeners and property owners. Much more effective than other physical bird repellents, this netting has become widely […]

Reasons to use Anti bird netting: Solves the Threat of Flying Pests

5 benefits of using anti bird netting Long-term Protection with bird control netting Gardeners who are cultivating fruits, vegetables and other garden crops birds feed on must prepare for possible attack. Birds come in their numbers to attack crops and end up causing significant damage to these crops. Gardeners cultivating crops in areas under heavy […]

Reasons to Use Anti pigeon netting in a urban setting. If you are cultivating crops in an area faced with high bird attack on crops, then the permanent solution to the infestation of these pest birds is to install anti pigeon net. The net is very important to gardeners who want to keep pest birds […]

Why gardeners or farmers should use the aviary net, and bird lovers to keep them in!

Aviary netting: Uses and Benefits in Agriculture to keep birds out Aviary net helps you achieve the expected results for your efforts , as everybody would like to to have great yields at the end of the growing season for each crop. That is what every gardener wants: the best yield with the least effort. […]