Building Cucumber Trellises without breaking a sweat or bank

Cucumber trellises are the assistants you need to help your cucumber plants grow properly – it protects them. Cucumbers are very delicate. If you allow your cucumber plants to have any contacts with the ground, you risk losing them to rot and viral diseases. However, you can prevent against this using a cucumber trellises.

The trellis protects your cucumber vines effectively. it creates a barrier between the plant and the ground. Likewise, it helps contain the plant to grow erect and sprout beautifully. This ensures that your garden is productive and appealing. Cucumber trellises are easy to construct. You can own cucumber trellises without much efforts or costs.

HORTOMALLAS Cucumber trellises are the best way to improve your cucumber crops
HORTOMALLAS Cucumber trellises are the best way to improve your cucumber crops


Steps in Building Cucumber Trellises in Your Garden

Follow these easy steps to building cucumber trellises the easy and affordable way:

Step 1: Construct the trellis frame

The first in building cucumber trellises is construct your trellis frame. To start, pick up two 48 inches and 1″ x 1″ broad planks and drill them with a power tool. Ensure that you drill a hole that is centralised and 2 inches away from the top of each plank. The hole on each plank should overlap in a way that it is possible for you to see a clean hole when you place the planks on top of each other.

Fix the planks together using a carriage bolt. This attachment should be loose to make it possible for you to create a hinge. Open the bottom of the planks, three feet wide, as you lay them flat. Use a wing nut to tighten the carriage bolt to form one of the two legs needed for the frame. Then, pick up another set of two 48 inches planks and follow the process used for creating the first leg to create another one.

Having constructed two legs for the frame, let them stand on the ground in a way that a leg rests on the ground (lower leg) while the other points up (upper leg).  Next, pick up another 48 inches plank and use it to connect the legs of the frame together. This 48-inch plank should be attached to the parts of the legs of the frame where you have screwed the upper and lower legs together.

Step 2: Attach more planks for netting bars

Attach more planks to use as netting bars. Start by attaching two 48 inches planks to the lower legs. Use a power drill and screws (heavy-duty) to position the first plank 6 inches away from the top of the lower legs and the other should be 6 inches away from the bottom of the lower legs.

Follow the same process and principle to add two more 48 inches planks to the upper legs. Use your power drill and screws to achieve this.

Step 3: Position the trellis frame where you need it

Place the trellis frame where you want to grow your cucumber plants. It should form an ‘A’ shape and stand straight. Pound the bottom of the legs about 2 inches into the ground to it to stand firmly. Finally, get four 2 feet staff and tie each of them tightly to the legs to serves as crop support for the cucumber.

Setting up of HORTOMALLAS cucumber trellises in a small cultivation
Setting up of HORTOMALLAS cucumber trellises in a small cultivation


Step 4: Add Clothesline for netting

Make provision for clothesline by hammering one inch nails into the planks used as netting bars. Set the nails 6 inches apart but ensure that the nails are halfway into the planks so that it is possible to tie your clothesline around the nails. When properly done, each netting bar bears five nails.

Finish off your cucumber trellis by getting ten pieces of 36 inches clothesline. Tie them to the nails, allowing the opposite nails to connect each other.

Cucumber trellises are essential for your cucumber plants. Its benefits are immeasurable. Follow the steps above to easily construct a trellis.

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