Bird protection netting in aquaculture farms

Why Bird protection netting in aquaculture farms is advantageous

It is possible for farmers to reduce damage caused by fish-eating birds but an accurate identification of the birds and knowledge about avian habitats and biology is useful. Not all birds cause harm to aquatic creatures like fish and others. Some make use of the aquatic habit without troubling the aquatic animals that live there. However, a responsible bird management system requires that farmers should have sound knowledge of the problem-causing species and birds that do not cause problems to aquatic organisms. Birds become problems when their activities on and around the aquatic environment lead to the loss of fish.

bird net installed for fish protection
When the birds appear your fishes are at risk, so you must provide a good protection.

Apart from the open-water bodies areas with large concentration of aquatic livestock especially as seen at aquaculture facilities poses as attractants to different types of birds. These fish-eating birds cause great economic loss to the farmer and can lead to greater reduction of stocks if not addressed.  There are different species of fish-eating birds. They include:

•    Herons

•    Cormorants

•    Gulls

•    Terns

•    Egrets

•    Mergansers

•     Blackbirds

•    Belted Kingfisher

•    Pelicans

fish protecting by bird net
With nets the farmers achieve protect their crops against the attack of the birds.

Benefits of Bird protection netting in aquaculture farms
The population of fish-eating birds will always increase but the good thing is there are different ways to prevent aquatic livestock from attack. Farmers have a lot to gain from using nets to protect their ponds. The benefits include:

Prevents Reduction of fish population
Fishing-eating birds have different feeding behaviors and can drastically reduce the fish population. They feed both night and day. The reduction in fish population leads to a reduction in profit. Using bird protection netting in aquaculture farms helps to reduce bird attack on aquatic livestock. This leads to increased profit.

bird net used in protection to fish for avoid the bird attack
With nets you avoid the pest caused for the prescence of birds.

Prevents injury and spread of diseases
Birds come in contact with different organism dead or alive and they carry disease. They can transfer these diseases when they come in contact with aquatic livestock. Net can prevent birds from coming in contact with aquatic livestock and causing disease. Preventing diseases will help the aquatic livestock to perform well. Fish may also sustain injury when birds tries to catch them but fails. This can result to disease and either cause the fish to die or develop poorly. Placing nets over the water body will prevent this from happening.

Bird protection netting in aquaculture farms is an ideal system for preventing birds from attack aquatic livestock. This protective measure is very effective and can help those raising aquatic livestock to raise healthy livestock and make more profit. Droppings from birds also contains high amount of bacteria and fungi. Nets also help to prevent birds from releasing their droppings into water and causing harm to aquatic livestock.

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