Bird Barrier are An Effective way to Deter Pest Birds

Bird Barriers: Uses and Advantages in Agriculture and Urban Settings.

Many damages on buildings and fruits can be related to the activities of birds and the lack of an effective bird barrier. Their presence may not be a problem but birds hardly stay on one spot without defecating. The feces or droppings of birds are acidic. This is why most builders use different preventive measures to stop birds from nesting or landing in some structures. Birds can cause structural damages which will definitely cost more to fix. Therefore, the best option is to select an appropriate protective measure to deter them.

bird barrier netting on urban roofs
Bird barriers installed on rooftops prevent birds from nesting there.

A lot of people have started to adopt the use of the bird barrier to secure their buildings from birds. Some also use it to deter pest birds from damaging their crops too. Barriers such as netting can be used to deter birds. It is very effective for controlling different species and sizes of birds. To protect a building, the net is placed over the area where birds normal land or nest. This renders the birds homeless, forcing them to relocate far away from their usual resting spot.

Historical sites or buildings need proper protection from these pest birds. Birds usually nest in areas with little disturbance, maybe at the corner or roof area. Their activities can also damage roofs too. Placing the net over such quiet areas where birds nest in buildings will help to control them effectively.  Bird droppings do not only cause structural damages but can deface a building. The droppings can make the area where these birds rest unsightly and also look unhealthy.

angtibird netting barrier on a rooftop and terrace
A netting barrier against urban birds easily installed and tensioned on a terrace.

Birds usually travel far in the wild and they pick different items on the way. They also feed on different materials and carry organisms that can bring diseases to humans. That is why many medical facilities make use of bird barrier to deter birds. The reason is because medical facilities are meant to promote the health of people. By allowing birds to have contact with these facilities, humans can contract diseases.

Well tensioned bird barrier netting installed on a rooftop
Bird barrier netting installed over a roof to prevent nesting of pigeons and other city birds.

Using Bird Barrier Nettings for Crop Protection

Besides protecting buildings, historical sites and medical facilities from pest birds, another area protection is needed are for crops. Crops that produce fruits are often attacked by pest birds leading to low-quality fruits and significant loss to the grower. Fruits attacked by birds, lose their value and are rejected by consumers in the market. This is one of the reasons why protecting crops from pest birds is relevant. Tree crops can also be protected from these birds. Each net is cut to size and used to protect the trees.

bird nets as barriers over roofs
Bird nets as barriers over roofs prevent birds from gaining access and spoiling our structures and affecting the hygiene required around buildings.

Bird barrier nets are very useful and also effective. It is effective for protecting gardens against pest bird attacks and also preventing birds from nesting in buildings and causing damages. There are different types of netting barriers one can choose from. The most important thing is to ensure that the right barrier is used to offer maximum protection.

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