Are you looking for the best price of the chicken netting? Save money with CHICKENMALLA

A short list of advantages of using plastic chicken netting.

chicken netting in intensive pountry farms
CHICKENMALLA chicken netting will not rust or corrode as it is made out of UV resistant plastics, very useful in humid areas of the country.

If you are looking for the best price for the chicken netting, aviary or rabbit hutch you will find it here. CHICKENMALLA, an inexpensive plastic mesh for fencing or cages for chickens, chicks, rabbits, small livestock and domestic animals. It is also used successfully to protect areas of the garden or orchard to prevent access to predatory animals or the hens themselves raised in freedom.

Unlike the hexagonal wire mesh, CHICKENMALLA does not harm animals, it does not rust, it is washable, light and is available at a more affordable price. Also its transport is more economical. Thanks to its resistance due to the materials and manufacturing process used, it can withstand blows and is kept erect with a simple installation.

It is also easily cut with scissors and adaptable to areas of any size or shape. The CHICKENMALLA chicken net fits in any environment and moves easily creating divisions of any shape, not necessarily square or rectangular.

poultry nets and chicken net for pens and small animals in a farm
A movable chicken pen built with plastic poultry netting will be easily moved to the next grazing ground.

CHICKENMALLA as a barrier in the farms replacing traditional poultry meshes.

Attracted by food, infesting birds are often introduced into chicken or pigs farms, causing the outbreak of bacterial and viral diseases, in addition to consuming the seeds. In fact, birds are vectors of health problems for both animals and humans. Thanks to the chicken netting CHICKENMALLA the birds can not access the cages and the farm is free of diseases. The use of the chicken net is very effective in the farms because it can be disinfected easily and the acidity of the feces of the chickens does not affect it. Being very durable, the investment of the price of the CHICKENMALLA chicken net recovers in the years of use, without the need for further maintenance costs.

chicken nets installed on farm gates
CHICKENMALLA chicken netting is easily installed on gate structures and will prevent animals to pass thru.

The installation is very easy whether it is used as fencing, or as protection of access doors to farms or as a substitute for the traditional wooden ground. If you require a practical fencing at the best price, the chicken net is easy to assemble and move. Just put some sticks to the floor to give greater stability to the structure, unroll the mesh and hold the sticks through clip or very practical retaining rings.

chicken coop with chicken net
Chicken coop built with CHICJKENMALLA plastic netting.

Other applications of the chicken netting

poultry net in orchards
Poultry netting can be used to enclose a vegetable garden and prevent deer and other animals to destroy your orchard.

The low price of the chicken net makes it a versatile product, adaptable to several uses. In addition to being commonly used for enclosure of areas or deer fencing, CHICKENMALLA chicken net can be placed to reinforce the ground in areas where the earth is eroded by the passage of water and rain, or in areas of automotive traffic as a ground reinforcement that will prevent tires to sink in mud.

It also lends itself to protect aquaculture products from bird attacks. In short, where there is a need to prevent the passage of animals, this chicken net provides an effective barrier at a very affordable cost, whether in warehouses, farms, or outdoors. You can also easily build bird cages and overhangs with the chicken netting at a very low price.  Chicken tractors can also be built with plastic hardware mesh as they will be lighter weight and easier to transport and more around the grazing areas so you can count on organic eggs while at the same time keeping pests at bay as your birds will act as efficient nematode and other insects.

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