Best price of plant support net: HORTOMALLAS for climbing vegetables and flowers

If you are looking for the best price of plant support net, herein we present HORTOMALLAS.

Used vertically, as an espalier, it is ideal for bearing the weight of vegetal canopy and fruits.

Laid horizontally, its layers sustain and guide the stems and create space between them.

Plant support net HORTOMALLAS have square meshes of 15 cm x 15 cm, the optimal size that let the workers hands pass through, without damaging the branches and the flowers. Meanwhile the trellis net framework allow the plants to climb naturally via aerial roots with practically no need of manual guidance. Use of plant support net is a very practical technique that reduces manpower since the trellis netting is ready to apply and very easy to install.

Price of plant support net
The Hortomallas Net is the best option for provide the best support to your crops, all for a excellent price.

Advantages of plant support net at a very affordable cost

  1. Plant support net does not let the plants directly on the contaminated and humid soil

When leave are touching the ground, excess of irrigation and humidity can cause them to wither. In addition a humidity attracts bugs, flies and other insects that can be vectors of infections.

  1. Dryer plants are less prone to be affected by bacteria and fungi

Moisture is an ideal condition for fungal diseases: spots, mildew, botrytis, and many others. Plant support net is able to arrange the plants so that a greater ventilation is obtained. Air flow diminishes humidity in the canopy and consequently the incidence of bacteria and fungus attacks and the spread of infections.

  1. Less risk of fruits rotting

Growing on a support, fruits do not touch the ground so risk of decompositions is reduced. In fact on the ground they are more accessible to pests animals which bite and consume them leading to partial harvest losses.

flowers using HORTOMALLAS support net
The HORTOMALLAS net, provide a good support for your crops, avoiding the arrive of pathogens and other diseases.
  1. Production improvement

For one hand plant support net brings less direct and indirect damages, caused by rooting and insect attacks, it reduces risk of disease and so production losses. On the other hand trellis netting improves solar exposition, and consequently photosynthetic activity and harvest quality.

  1. Space optimization

Vertical growing is a more efficient technique that helps in saving space. You can better exploit your cultivation area and maximize profits.

  1. Plant support net prevents stress in plants

Stress debilitates plants. A stressed plant does not have enough energy to grow and to develop fruits.  Plant support net helps in reducing mechanical stress. On the contrary plant support systems based on raffia increase stress in plants, causing injuries on stems, branches and fruits.

vertical support system in flowers
With the plants support net , avoid the stress of the plant.

Results in tomato cultivars are well worth the price of plant support net

Especially indeterminate varieties of tomato benefit from a plant support net. In fact they grow very tall and tend to collapse. Training tomatoes on a trellis netting keep them healthier. Furthermore plant support net helps to let sunrays penetrate more deeply. So tomatoes  grow more homogenous, are more manageable and cleaner.  HORTOMALLAS supports the weight of fruits of any size.

As an alternative to do a lot of work using stakes and raffia, plant support net reduces manpower.

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