The benefit of using a frost blanket go beyond winter crops

INVERNAVELO is the perfect frost cover blanket that will protect your vegetables from insects, maintain humidity, heat and allow you to harvest earlier than other growers.

frost blanket in landscaping
Frost blanket in landscaping allows seedlings to sprout faster.
frost blankets for vegetables
Frost blankets are used to accelerate the speed at which plants grow, besides the obvious frost protection.

It is a normal practice to shield tender plants. From the use of boxes and old baskets to curtains and bedsheets, shad-cloth, and burlap, plastic and vinyl. One product that is available commercially is frost blanket. This is a breathable and extremely light fabric, which is produced from spun-bonded polyethylene or polypropylene. The sun will take in heat on a sunny day. Overnight, as the air temperatures fall, the soil will lose warmness.

The reason behind the covering is to hold the heat in the soil and keep the warmer air bubble within the soil and the plant. This prevents the quick cooling of the surface to form frost. The second point behind this process is that the frost blanket befits the surface where the moisture freezes instead of the plant tissues. Row covers that have been recycled must be removed or folded back during the day, in order to give room for light to get in contact with the plant. This is also important in preventing overheating, which can occur easily under vinyl or plastics. The advantage of the frost blanket it can be used over the plants for a longer time when necessary. They also provide a form of insulating layer while giving room to the transmission of light unlike the plastic, which requires a higher degree of the porousness of both air and rain movement. It is important to confirm that the floating row cover is attached and closed securely in the position where it comes in contact with the ground. This will conserve the warmth of the soil around the plant and prevent the removal of the cover by the breeze. Irrespective of how the row cover is deployed, it is totally impermeable to the loss of heat.

In conclusion, the use of the INVERNAVELO blanket can reduce the influence of frost in different ways, including the physical preventing of ice from forming straight on plants or capturing warmer air. They don’t damage the plants if they are used over the plants for an extended period because it provides a light-filled, warm and cushy microclimate for plants that are sensitive to flourish.

flower beds and frost blankets
Flower beds protected by a frost blanket cover from the effects of cold nights.
blanket fabric against frost on baby plants
Baby plants protected by a blanket against cold nights also grow faster and avoid damages from insects and birds.

How to reduce cold damage using a frost blanket

    • Insulate properly.
    • Reduce the application of fertilizer during the end of the summer because new growth is more vulnerable than older leaves.
    • Overcome the desire to prune scruffy or dead leaves, as they will help in protecting the core of the plant from cold.
    • Change the location of pot plant from shelter to verandas or overhangs
    • Harvesting should be carried out early.
    • Before the watering process, ensure that the plants are not under stress. A soil that is moist will accommodate more heat when compared to a dry soil. Beware of excess water.
  • A temporary cover over stationery and susceptible plants are effectively, especially if properly done
berries arprotected from insects and cold with a frost protection blankete
Berries are protected from insects and cold with a frost protection blanket.
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