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Being artistic with chicken wire art

Artistic possibilities with chicken wire art

Chicken wire art is a great representation of the diversified uses of chicken wire. In a world where sustainability is of key importance, it brings a little bit of peace, knowing that we have products of such impressive levels of versatility available to us. The artistic use of chicken wire is in and of itself, a further diversified subject. We find it used in the creation of chicken wire jewelry, wire jewelry holders and boxes, portraits and even chicken wire sculptures for various collectors and various uses. The art draws more attention than other forms quite often and leads to people wanting to take a closer look due to its complexity.

chicken wire dress
Chicken wire besides installing them in chicken coops is also used for artistic use creating figures.

A closer look

Chicken wire uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Framework for sculpture
  • Holding insulation in place
  • Backing mesh for rail and post fencing
  • Exclusion barriers for birds
  • Chicken net
  • Trellis for climbing flowers and plants
  • Poultry house and chicken runs

The more common specifications of chicken wire are 20 gauge which are woven into 1 or 2 inch hexagonal mesh. The sturdiness of the material creates a solid structure for chicken wire art.

Global impact

We find chicken wire art used, very literally, all around the world. They are used for a variety of adornment purposes. Individuals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds have been using chicken wire for artistic uses for a very long time. The material is extraordinarily sculptural and has its place rooted in many societies.

chicken wire for artistic uses
The chicken wire material is very robust and a solid structure is created for the chicken wire sculptures.

Having fun with chicken wire

The great thing about chicken wire art is the fact that you can learn to make sculptures on your own at home. There are a multitude of informational and tutorial websites on the internet that will see you successfully creating your very own artwork. You only need a few tools and a vision and you can safely begin creating beautiful sculptures. The material can be easily manipulated which makes your chicken wire sculpting a lot more seamless.

Time and patience with the material will ensure a safe and fun process. Everything is handmade and will have creative artists involved with a sculpture, sometimes even for a few days. There are serious artists though and less complex chicken wire art sculptures can be finished in just a few hours.

Interesting ornamental pieces could be made for inside the home. A chicken wire vase-holder could be made for holding fresh flowers, paper towel holders or maybe even a chicken wire fruit bowl. The creative possibilities for you to try are endless, and are only made possible by such remarkable design.

chicken wire duck
If you have no idea how to make a sculpture of chicken wire there are many tutorials on the internet where ideas can come from.

Chicken wire is a cost effective art form

Chicken wire is a cost effective means of expressing oneself through art. Artists have attested to this and enjoy the benefit of chicken wire for artistic uses. In fact, many individuals in different countries around the world use art sculptures made out of chicken wire to support their families. They find that it is a sustainable way to earn an honest living and create happiness with their sculptures.

Chicken wire sculptures can be used to spruce up your garden. Massive monuments have been made out of chicken wire art to commemorate heroes. Sporting mascots have also been made as symbols of pride out of chicken wire in certain countries. Chicken wire has also lent itself to the design of wire jewelry, which led to the design of jewelry boxes.

These intricate pieces are made using ‘wire cutters’ and ‘pliers.’ The artists are extremely well versed in their craft and require little to no assistance to complete these projects. Over time they begin to become more experienced and create wire art pieces much faster. This increases their productivity and furthermore, their profitability. Chicken wire for artistic uses is a great way for individuals to earn living.

Large structural pieces are made possible thanks to the great solidity of the material and its impressive strength. These large pieces have been used in certain societies to make a positive statement to communities. Art made from chicken wire has made a large impact on many people from many different backgrounds.

chicken wire bull dog
Chicken wire is also used to design jewelry boxes.

Other uses

The advancement in the material usage of chicken netting has benefitted farmers greatly. The material does not rust when chemical disinfectants are sprayed onto it, or if it comes into contact with acidic fecal matter. This saves the farmers from having to continually replace a chicken net which is rusted and damaged by corrosion. The netting is strong enough to be used in the fencing of birds, chickens and even pigs. It is safe for the livestock as well as for the workers that may have to install the wire. The wire can be further used as a barrier between animals and vegetation. This adds to the cost saving capabilities of this diverse material. The tough nature of the chicken wire allows its uses to extend into aquaculture. The chicken wire protects certain species of fish and also shrimp from ravaging birds. In mining settings, the chicken wire is used as a protective measure between birds and poisonous substances. It is also seen as a cost effective solution in the farming industry.

chicken wire art
The advantage of the chicken net material is that it does not oxidize and does not need to be replaced.

Geographical reach

Chicken wire art has been around for centuries and is known worldwide. The artists to make use of this material are not limited to inner-city individuals. Many rural areas, especially up in Africa, have been using this form of artistry for many decades. They realized the durability that this wire had to offer and have even adopted it into their culture. Cultural pieces are also made for elders or leaders of tribes as a sign of respect. This further cements the notion that chicken wire is just as durable as it is in a farm setting, as it is in the hands of an artist.

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